Spotlight: Old Hounds Know All the Tricks

We enjoy presenting stories on current industry events and who’s-who in racing. Our spotlight articles typically focus on the up-and-coming greyhound youths we see making their way through the grades from maiden up.


We think about the AGTOA 2015 All-America teams, with team captain and 2015 Rural Rube award winner HUSKER MAGIC. Along with her first and second teammates, these greyhounds are all super athletes who have carved their places among the year’s racing royalty.

What’s also rewarding is to witness an athlete who’s been making strides through the years–and subsequently, the grades–while still rocking it on-track. We hope these pups will be as successful as veteran KB’S LIKE A FOX, a white and blue brindle proven sprinter who seems to only get better with age.

“Foxy” is a known athlete who, after nearly 5 years of racing greytness, still continues to impress. Check out the article written by Jeff Prince, the Customer Service Manager at Palm Beach:




March 20, 2016

West Palm Beach, Fl. – Rader Racing Kennel’s KB’s Like A Fox (Team Record* – Whistler’s Annie) accomplished a feat that no one thought would ever happen.

On March 18, 2016, “Foxy” broke the almost 21-year-old record of the legendary Pat C Rendezvous, as he scored his 86th Palm Beach Kennel Club career victory, elevating him to status of the winningest Greyhound in the history of the track.

KB’s Like A Fox, born August 6, 2011, scored his first career victory back on June 22, 2013. That race was contested on the 301-Yard Super Sprint Course and he’s been at home at that distance ever since.

“It was a phenomenal feat. I never thought it would ever happen. I thought it was one of those unreachable records”, said a proud kennel operator Norm Rader. “He wants to run. He likes to run and I’m going to keep letting him do it until he doesn’t want to anymore.”

KB’s Like A Fox is on track to break another Palm Beach Kennel Club record, becoming the first Greyhound in track history to win three track win championships.


First career win – June 17th, 1993

Last career win (#85) – September 20, 1995


First Career Win – June 22, 2013

Record Setting Career Win #86 – March 18, 2016 (Active)

On March 18, 2016, “Foxy” broke the almost 21-year-old record of the legendary Pat C Rendezvous, as he scored his 86th Palm Beach Kennel Club career victory, elevating him to status of the winningest Greyhound in the history of the track.


Well done: breaking the 21-year record is quite an achievement! Congratulations to Rader Racing Kennel, owner Kenneth Biehle, and all connections! We’re happy to report Foxy’s impressive sprinting talents are still putting him in the money, as recently as April 17, 2016.

Photo courtesy of Greyhound Data.

Another notable sprinting hound with a long racing career is SILENT POWER (OSWALD COBBLEPOT X SHIRLEY SUGAR), best known during the Multnomah Greyhound Park racing days. SILENT POWER was an electrostatic win monster for owners Paul and Vicki Coombs, having amassed 101 victories from 220 starts while competing in stakes company until his retirement at age 5 and a half years.

SILENT POWER was a sprint champ. He was the winner of the 2002 Multnomah Anthony Amato Memorial Dash and 2002 Multnomah Murray Kemp Classic. He came in 2nd in the 2003 Oregon Bred Sprint Championship; 2nd in the 2003 Murray Kemp, and 2nd in the 2004 Multnomah Wood Village Stake. He was the 2004 Murray Kemp finalist and finished his career with 101 race wins.

We believe KB’S LIKE A FOX gets better with age, just like a fine wine. We look forward to watching him and the other pups continue to bring greyt on-track performances.


Thanks to Palm Beach’s Jeff Prince for contributing the KB’S LIKE A FOX article.

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Southland Hot Dog: SHOW ON THE ROAD

SHOW ON THE ROAD-Greyhound-Data.jpg
SHOW ON THE ROAD. Photo courtesy of Greyhound Data.

We love watching the races. We admire every greyhound athlete, no matter the race’s outcome. It’s the love for the sport that drives us–which is why we get excited when we hear about an exciting up-and-comer. There’s been some Facebook and Twitter buzz since early February about a pup barely two years old out of Southland Greyhound Park and he already has an impressive career record.

Offspring of KC AND ALL X CLOSIN IN ONAWIN, SHOW ON THE ROAD’s been burning it up at Southland Greyhound Park since August 21, 2015. He’s trained by Plum Creek Kennel’s Monte Hoopes and has impressed from the get-go with a strong career start in the 583-yard distance.

He won his first race by an unexpected 12.5 lengths which set the tone for his racing career. Within a month he had moved up from grade D to A. Quickly thereafter he began competing in AA, SA, and SAA races with solid effort. SHOW ON THE ROAD seemed to be searching for his stride to propel himself to the next level, which he found in late December. December brought an A-grade win, which was the beginning of a string of “in the money” races.

With the 2016 New Year, SHOW ON THE ROAD switched the distance up from the 583-yard to the 703-yard. Something clicked.

SHOW ON THE ROAD’s greyt-ness intensified. His racing style expanded to accommodate the extra field distance easily, which revealed an impressive stamina to cross the front-stretch with speed to spare. SHOW ON THE ROAD was consistently finishing in the money. This season he’s had 15 starts: 13 – 2 – 0 – 0.

He was on a 13 win streak until his most recent out on April 3, when he had some trouble breaking through on the inside. SHOW ON THE ROAD races again tomorrow, Saturday April 9, 2016 during Southland Greyhound Park’s evening card race 17 and we’ll be cheering him on!


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Spotlight: Guess the Palm Beach Hot Dog!


We’d like to play a game called “Name that Hot Dog!” Can you identify this week’s rising star athlete only by using the following facts about his racing career?

Here’s some clues to help you figure out which greyt athlete we’re spotlighting this week.

  • Excellence is hereditary. He descends from super-hound KC AND ALL X TONI WORKS.
  • He’s a Rader Racing hot dog who made his debut in November 2015 at Naples-Ft Myers.

Any guesses? How about…

  • After a few trips around the Naples track, he transferred to Palm Beach Kennel Club. He soared through schooling and hit the ground running in the J grade.
  • He’s a sprinter. To quote Palm Beach announcer Mike Jameson, “They’re off and you better not blink!”
CRAIGIE RENEGADE at Palm Beach. Photo from Palm Beach Kennel Club’s Facebook Page; used with permission from Jeff Prince.

If you guessed our mystery hound was CRAIGIE RENEGADE, nicely done! The clues above paint a greyt picture of his racing career: an impressive youth who has only just begun to wow crowds in not only the Florida circuit, but gaining attention everywhere.

Lately he’s been burning it up at “The Beach,” swiftly moving from grade J to TA in only two and a half short months. On February 22, 2016 he ran a new track record at Palm Beach for the 301 yard sprint. Then he broke the record again. And again. Yes, during his meteoric rise he ran a new track record at Palm Beach a total three times. Three! And it’s still early in the season!

What a greyt memento! CRAIGIE RENEGADE breaking the 301  yard record at Palm Beach on February 22, 2016. Photo from Palm Beach Kennel Club’s Facebook Page; used with permission from Jeff Prince.

His first record-breaking sprint was on February 22, 2016, where he sizzled across the finish line with a time of 16.34 in the 301 yard sprint:

Not just a flash in the pan, a mere 12 days later, CRAIGIE RENEGADE broke his own record. On March 5, 2016, he showed he’s only getting faster with a new track record of 16.33 in the 301 yard sprint:

Then, on his very next out, on March 12, “The Renegade” flexed his super-sprinter muscles again. He was able to trim a few more milliseconds off his previous track record, flashing across the finish at 16.22 in the 301 yard sprint. Jameson even remarks, “Watch that time!”

Seems like he’s flying around the track. Does he even touch the ground? Super-sprinter indeed!

They say practice makes perfect and it’s clear CRAIGIE RENEGADE is only getting better as time goes on. Sure, his last out on March 16, 2016 had him come in second with BF PAR SNIPE chasing him down in a rematch from March 12v. Hey, you can’t win ‘em all, and you certainly can’t break a track record every single time you’re out.

Since the start of the 2016 season, he’s 14 – 12 – 2. What’s next for him? Congratulations to CRAIGIE RENEGADE, Rader Racing, and all connections on such an exciting early season! We anticipate seeing big things from this monster pup, that’s for sure.
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Palm Beach Hot Dog: WIKI RAY DONOVAN


Earlier this year, one of our PAYDOG Pick of the Day in-house handicappers came across a new arrival to the Palm Beach Kennel Club circuit, WIKI RAY DONOVAN (KC AND ALL X WIKI LIL QUICKY). Our handicapper suggested we keep our eyes open for this rising star and we’d thought we’d share WIKI RAY’s progress with you.

WIKI RAY DONOVAN Grade J 1-11-16
WIKI RAY DONOVAN prepping before his Grade J win on January 11th, 2016.

Since he truly is new to Palm Beach (having only broken maiden on January 8th, 2016), there’s not a whole lot of information on him. Usually a pup’s schooling races are unavailable for replay since they take place before the track’s daily card. Luckily for us, Palm Beach Kennel Club has quite the library of race replays on their website. We thought it’d be fun to post WIKI RAY’s schooling races, just in case you haven’t heard about this pup, so you can get an idea for yourself:

Schooling: WIKI RAY DONOVAN @ Palm Beach Kennel Club on 12/30/15

Schooling: WIKI RAY DONOVAN @ Palm Beach Kennel Club on 01/03/2016

Maiden: WIKI RAY DONOVAN @ Palm Beach Kennel Club Matinee Race 1 on 01/08/2016

WIKI RAY DONOVAN boasts a great season so far with 7 starts (5-1-1-0). He had a fantastic 9.5 length win in his maiden race on January 8th, 2016. Since then, he’s soared from Maiden to grade A in little over a month’s time.

While this record is certainly impressive, we’re also impressed by WIKI RAY’s presence on the field. We’re not the only ones though: excitement has formed on social media about the newcomer. People watched WIKI RAY’s replays from Palm Beach, racing fans started tweeting, and a fan-base was born. Buzz was created on Twitter: folks tweeted their favorite race moments and texted excitedly in anticipation for his next race. The same question was on the tip of everyone’s fingers: who is WIKI RAY DONOVAN and where does he come from?

WIKI RAY, trained by Justin Douglas (James E. Douglas Kennel) and owned by Coleen Pace, is the offspring of retired Bluffs Run super-hound KC AND ALL. KC AND ALL came on scene to Bluffs Run in May 2008 and quickly excelled through the ranks, where he found his niche in the A grade. He was hot stuff burning up the track at Bluffs Run from 2008 until 2010, when he retired from racing.

It seems the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. We wish WIKI RAY DONOVAN and all connections our best this season. We expect to see #greyt things from this little apple and we know one day he’ll grow into a mighty tree.


Have you witnessed an exceptional up and coming greyhound athlete? Share your “hot dog” rising stars with us! If we feature your #greyt athlete, we’ll post $2 in wagering credit to your Greyhound Channel account!



Spotlight: Retired Wonder-hound Fernando Bale

FERNANDO BALE retired to Meticulous Lodge in Devon Meadows, Victoria, Australia on December 18th, 2015.

It is surprising to see how much of an audience he has on social media. Each race day, #FlyingFernando and #FernandoBale were trending topics on Twitter. Today, they’re still popular. The enthusiasm and support from racing fans all around the world is obvious, even today. From well-wishes to the newly retired athlete to nostalgia for his first races almost a year ago, FERNANDO BALE was and will forever be a sensation in the world of greyhound racing.

Owned by Paul Wheeler and trained by Andrea and Tom Dailly, Australia’s FERNANDO BALE (US-bred KELSOS FUSILEER X AUS-bred CHLOE ALLEN) began his career in December 2014. He broke maiden in his third career start at The Meadows Park in Victoria, Australia and became the hot dog newcomer to the Victoria, Australia iditarod. Quickly he moved on from newcomer status to run at the head of the pack.

After a jaw-dropping victory in the Group 1 Adelaide Cup (515m) at Angle Park in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia on October 2nd, 2015, the dapper white and dark brindle male was the world’s first greyhound ever to win over $1 million in racing prize money. Check out the race, below:

While some argue he’s the greatest greyhound athlete of all time, none can dispute he breathed new life into greyhound racing. Fernando gained fans all over the world with his calm track presence and early speed.

And get this: the win from October 2nd was Fernando’s 31st victory. He totaled 35 victories with a record of 35-3-2 from 44 starts. In a career held only over 12 months, he broke records everywhere he went. Among other accolades, Fernando holds split records at the Victoria, Australia tracks of Sandown and The Meadows, as well as Wentworth Park (South Wales). He also holds track records at Traralgon and Bendigo (both in Victoria).

He has seen and done so much in his short career. During his last run, he suffered a slight back injury. At the ripe old age of only 33 months, FERNANDO BALE has been retired. While he flew around the racecourse, everyone flocked to watch the domineering youngster break old track records. #FlyingFernando, indeed!

We’re happy to report Fernando will soon begin stud duties at the picturesque Meticulous Lodge in Devon Meadows, Victoria, Australia. Cheers to FERNANDO BALE, Wheeler, Dailly, and all connections on such a short, though prolific, career.


Connect with FERNANDO BALE via his official website and on Facebook to learn more about this #greyt retired racer.


Wheeling Hot Dog Report: AMF SLEEKSTRANGR


In the June 27, 2015 edition of the Inside Lure, we featured an article by contributor Stan Pawloski, a writer for the Greyhound Review. He wrote about the A Ray Kennel and their prowess at Wheeling Island on Wednesday, June 24, 2015. We were particularly enthusiastic about their racer AMF SLEEKSTRANGR, as he had shattered the track record on this day.

AMF SLEEKSTRANGR  boasts an exciting racing career. On June 24, 2015 he took the win in race 13 in the  $25,000 George Kellas Memorial round 1. He closed with an enormous lead of 11.5 lengths and in the process, set a new 5/16 track record at 28.79! The previous record was set by KIOWA DASH FAST in August 2014. At the time of this race, AMF SLEEKSTRANGR had an impressive 9 win streak. Unfortunately, AMF SLEEKSTRANGR was scratched in round 2 due to injury.

AMF SLEEKSTRANGR has continued on the path towards excellence. He is a strong athlete: he is consistently in the money and is known as a fierce competitor. On November 28th he won again at Wheeling Island race 12: he took off in the backstretch and brought it home with an impressive lead of 9.5 lengths.

We plan to keep watching AMF SLEEKSTRANGR on his journey to greatness. We will be cheering him on this Saturday (12/12/15) at Wheeling Island race 9!

Have you witnessed an exceptional up and coming greyhound athlete? Share your “hot dog” rising stars with us! If we feature your #greyt athlete, we’ll post $2 in wagering credit to your Greyhound Channel account!

Husker Magic’s 90th Career Win!

Husker Magic – 90th Win at the Derby Lane Fall Sprint Semi-Finals

HuskerMagicWithGHCHat(Husker Magic, Abernathy Kennels, 2015)

Husker Magic. Every time the name is said we all think the same thing, “that’s a great looking dog!” She’s got looks and personality, and with her stats, it’s hard NOT to place a bet on her.

On September 30th, 2015, Husker Magic brought home her 90th career win at Derby Lane in the Fall Sprint Semi-Finals. As always, she brought the win in with a happy face, true to form. Congratulations to Husker Magic, Abernathy Kennels, and all connections!

What’s next for Husker Magic? Do you think she can be caught? Everyone at Greyhound Channel will be rootin’ you on, “Derby Lane’s Darling Diva” during this Saturday’s Fall Sprint Final at Derby Lane!

This week in Greyhound Racing: September 18th, 2015

huskerHusker Magic at Derby Lane with Kayruth Abernathy and Claudio Lopez in 2014

HUSKER MAGIC won her 86th career win last Saturday at Derby Lane. She was hardly challenged for dominance in this race and flew home with the moniker “Derby Lane’s Darling Diva!” shouted out by the Voice of DL, Jim Peake. Winning this A grade race looked like a breeze for our girl, Husker. Will she own the next race and make it 87? We’ll have to find out!

We had three round 2 stakes events on Wednesday: Future Star Stakes, WVOGBA Juvenile Stakes, and The Bluffs Run Finale.


$30,00 Future Star Stakes Round 2 @ Iowa Greyhound Park

Race 2: #6 O YA KATT DADDY took the lead from the inside and didn’t give. Hugging the rail, Katt Daddy flew into an easy win.

Race 4: In this race, #5 BCS OLD GLORY jumped ahead of the pack and stayed there. Having no pressure didn’t stop Old Glory from turning on the afterburners and finishing the race strong.

Race 6: In an exciting race it was #1 SUPER C MALINA who turned on the late speed down the backstretch to pass #7 KEEPER SUSANNAH just after the last turn.

Race 10: After the break, #4 HILCO MAGNUM made it known that he was going to take this win and leave the others in his dust. #8 DOCTOR TONY wasn’t listening and made a valiant effort in second place.

Race 12: The #4 BOC’S LOOKING AT U darted from the box to the wire after the break and used this to stay in the lead and win the race. He was followed closely by #6 BCS DIRT ROADIN.

Race 14: The #7 GT’S TALLI and #8 CLASSY WOLVERINE were eye-to-eye in the backstretch before Talli pulled ahead and took the win.

Check out the standings for this stakes race updated by Gary Dura.


$35,000 WVGOBA Juvenile Stakes Round 2 @ Wheeling

Race 6: #4 CG’S POPPA was never contested at any point in this race. Directly after the break, he maintained the lead and never let it go.

Race 8: The #7 CG’S MONA and #8 RICO’S GEARZ went neck and neck for the first few turns of the race before Mona blasted ahead and stayed there.

Race 10: #4 CAM WOOKIE enjoyed a comfortable lead nearly the entire race. #7 RICO’S SHAMELESS made a push at the end but came up short.  

           CG’S MONA: 25 POINTS

           QUICK COLLIN: 23.5 POINTS

           CET BIG JOHN: 20 POINTS

           CG’S POPPA: 20 POINTS


           CAM WOOKIE: 16 POINTS

           DKC FRED FLINT: 15.5 POINTS

           COACH VAN DYKE: 15 POINTS

           TAKE OFF TUG: 15 POINTS



$60,000 Finale Round 2 @ Bluffs Run

Race 1: This race had no contest for the winner, #3 BOC’S HANK JR was a few lengths ahead the entire time through the finish line. Down the backstretch the real struggle for second was taking place. #2 BUDDY CAN FLY wanted it more as he pulled ahead of #1 SUPERIOR PHOENIX right at the end of the stretch.

#GreytEvents: What’s up next?

Saturday, 9/19/2015:

  • $50,000 Fall Sprint Round 1
  • $60,000 Finale Quarter-Finals
  • Irish Greyhound Derby

This Saturday starts the 9th annual Fall Sprint at Derby Lane. The rounds will run us until October 3rd and will be the precursor to the NGA Fall Meet. What bettor way to bring in the fall season?

Are you following the excitement of the Irish Derby? Check out @BarkingBuzz on Twitter to get your up to date info on the Irish Greyhound Derby and more. Wager on all the fun with Greyhound Channel.

Sunday, 9/20/2015:

  • $30,000 Future Star Stakes Semi-Finals

Tuesday, 9/22/2015:

  • $35,000 WVGOBA Juvenile Stakes Semi-Finals

Wednesday, 9/23/2015:

  • $50,000 Fall Sprint Round 2
  • $60,000 Finale Semi-Finals

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