A Day in the Life of a Greyhound Kennel

When greyhounds aren’t running around the oval, they spend time at their home kennel. Wondering what exactly life entails at a greyhound kennel, we have gathered a general schedule of day-to-day activities for trainers, kennel staff, and the beloved greyhounds.

A greyhound trainer’s day typically begins bright and early around 6:00 am. Starting off the day, the kennel caretakers let the greyhounds stretch out and run around in large pens. The kennel staff will use this time to clean and disinfect the kennel and the crates that the greyhounds live in. This generally takes around 45-60 minutes, giving the greyhounds plenty of time to play. After the kennel and crates have been disinfected, the greyhounds are then put back in their crates to enjoy their freshly cleaned homes. These pups love their kennel spaces; it’s where they feel most comfortable and relaxed to sleep and rest. Some greyhounds love their crate so much that they prefer to spend most of their time in their home. Husker Magic, captain of the All-America Team, greets her kennel mates for about 10 minutes of their play time before she is wanting to head back to her crate for blanket snuggles.

huskerghchat huskermagiccutie

Once the pups are back in their crates, the trainer and helper will take the greyhounds who need exercise out to a “sprint path” to run. A “sprint path” is exactly how it sounds- a path utilized for greyhounds to sprint for racing practice, conditioning, and other various reasons. Greyhounds are typically “sprinted” every other day between races. When the greyhounds have completed their sprints, they are weighed and groomed.


After grooming, the trainer will prepare and mix the greyhounds’ food. While food may differ from kennel to kennel, in general each pup’s meal consists of 1 ½ pounds of meat, 1 pound of meal, corn oil, and a vitamin. Sometimes the trainer will include fruits or a stew as well as honey for flavor. This is mixed together in a very large bowl with water to help with consistency. The greyhounds who are not racing eat a full meal and those who are racing receive a snack, which is half the portion size of the meal. After eating, the pups enjoy more time outside before heading back to their kennel to relax and nap.


Greyhounds who are racing that day are taken to the track kennel where they wait till it’s their turn to race. Once a greyhound has raced, a caretaker will “cool them out.” This means the greyhounds are cooled down and walked. There are many different ways a trainer can cool down a greyhound: dip tanks, hoses, walk through tanks, etc. This helps relax the racing greyhound’s muscles and cools down their body temperature after the exertion of racing.


After the day’s racers have run, they are taken back to the kennel and fed. All of the greyhounds are then turned out again for 30-45 minutes to stretch out and play. The pup’s racing that night are then taken to the track kennel for their races. After the night’s races have ran, all the greyhounds are let outside for one more romp before heading back to their crates for bed. Once the pups are put up for the night, the kennel is locked up and the caretakers head home.

Playing, sprinting, and resting are all a part of the kennel life for a racing greyhound. While the schedule we have outlined may slightly differ between locations, each kennel has a strict regimen they follow to help keep the pups happy, healthy, and race ready. Tons of care and love from the trainers, kennel staff, and owners allow the greyhounds to race at their full potential.

We would like to thank Catherine D’arcy from D’arcy Kennels for providing kennel life information for us to utilize. Check out her “Day in the Life of a Racing Greyhound” from a greyhound’s perspective.


The official word came out on Wednesday, June 22nd: HUSKER MAGIC has retired! She finished her career with 105 wins out of 167 starts. She was on a 5 win streak before announcing retirement.

We have had the privilege of reporting on Derby Lane’s Darling Diva many times. Her career accomplishments are impressive: she was the 2015 Rural Rube Award recipient. She was the captain of the 2015 AGTOA All-America Team. She was the winner of the 2015 Daytona 550 (2nd 2016), 2015 Derby Lane Sprint Classic, and 2016 T. L. Weaver Memorial. She was 2nd in 2014 for Derby Lane’s Gold Trophy Juvenile, 2015 Inaugural, and T. L. Weaver Memorial. She was 3rd in Derby Lane’s 2014 Fall Sprint.


Don Jensen of the Tampa Bay Times wrote a dedication to HUSKER MAGIC:

“Husker Magic, who won 105 races from 167 starts — the only Derby Lane dog in history with at least 100 victories— was retired from racing Wednesday, kennel owner Jim Abernathy said. She ranks tied for 33rd on the sport’s all-time win list. The female is expected to spend several months at the Abernathy residence in St. Petersburg before going to Grapevine, Ark., to begin a breeding career.”

We’re proud of her because the Blonde Bombshell is retiring at the top of her game.  Congratulations to HUSKER MAGIC; she has had a truly historic racing career and we feel lucky to have had the opportunity to share her accomplishments so often.

HUSKER MAGIC keeps it cool in her cooling pool. Photo courtesy of Kayruth Abernathy.

2015 All-America Team: Where Are They Now?

It’s been four months since the AGTOA announced their 2015 All-America Team! We have enjoyed following the progress of the first team’s eight pups. Most of the first team pups have continued on to racing greatness; a few have chosen to retire.

These eight greyhound athletes were honored during the NGA’s 2016 Spring Meet held in Abilene, Kansas in April, where they celebrated their 2015 achievements. It has been a pleasure to follow their racing stories. Where are they now? Let’s find out!


Derby Lane’s Darling Diva, Husker Magic, has certainly owned up to her Team Captain title of the 2015 All-America Team. Since she was announced team captain, Husker Magic has racked up 104 career wins, an accomplishment managed only by the best of the best of greyhound racing and put her as 34th on The All Time Wins List. She was also announced the Rural Rube winner for 2015 in March of this year. On June 4th, the Blonde Bombshell won Derby Lane’s T. L. Weaver Memorial Challenge, adding another title to her already impressive resume. With no signs of Husker Magic slowing down, we look forward to watching her continue to work her magic on the track.


Flying Fired Up has seen continued success at Southland. He’s remained competitive through the S, SA, and AA grades with consistent in-the-money races. Flying Fired Up is currently on layoff due to a minor injury. We look forward to seeing him come back into action once he’s recovered.


Previously the star at Gulf Greyhound Park, Need My Moneynow has adjusted nicely at Orange Park. Consistently finishing in the money, he has 14 wins and 5 places out of 19 starts since March 18th. Need My Moneynow also added bestbet’s $1,500 Sweet Sixteen title to his resume in March. He is currently on a 4 win streak and we will be cheering him next time he races to make that a 5 win streak.


As both an excellent sprinter and long distance runner, B’s Headliner was nominated for both 2015 sprint and distance awards: the Rural Rube and Flashy Sir. Being nominated for both awards is a feat only few greyhounds achieve. B’s Headliner retired in February of this year to dam in Abilene, Kansas. We wish her the best in her retirement.


After the closure of Gulf Greyhound Park, Seldom Told moved to Orange Park, where he adapted to the track very quickly. “Seldomly” does he not win, finishing first in 49 out of 66 starts, 10 of which have been out of his total 12 races at Orange Park. We last saw him running in the James J. Patton Silver Cup in March, winning the first round and placing in the second, but he had to withdraw from the stakes due to an injured toe. Seldom Told has spent the last few months nursing his injury, but he’s ready to return to the track. He’s scheduled for a schooling race on Monday, June 20th at Orange Park. D. Q. Williams Kennel hopes to have him entered in the upcoming bestbet Spring Classic. With Seldom Told’s consistent first place streaks, we can’t wait to see him tearing up the track again.


After the closure of Bluffs Run, Boc’s Hank Jr moved to Southland where he has been racing since March of this year. He recently had a three win streak in May and has settled in nicely at Southland, where he is currently participating in the $50,000 Southland Derby. Watch this pup for more exciting racing action!


Highlyclassified earned the Flashy Sir award this year in March, one month after the announcement that he was on the All-America first team. Since then, he has continued to race at Derby Lane and will run in the $40,000 St. Petersburg Derby, with round 1 kicking off tomorrow, June 18th. After the St. Petersburg Derby, Highlyclassifed will retire to Kansas where he will stand as a stud, not surprising with his impressive resume. We wish Highlyclassified all the best in his future retirement.


In April of 2015, Storm Control retired due to an injury, but that didn’t stop this greyhound from making the All-America first team. While this may seem surprising, you wouldn’t think so once you checked out his impressive racing history. In those 3 short months in 2015, Storm Control had finished first 18 of 28 starts at Palm Beach, winning the 2015 He’s My Man and the 2015 Arthur J. Rooney Sr. St. Patrick’s Invitational. We look forward to seeing his lineage on the racetrack.

Whether on hiatus, retirement, breeding, or racking up the wins at their racetracks, the Greyt Eight are still on our “watch” list. We anticipate seeing even more exciting feats from these pups through the rest of the year. Thanks to the greyhound owners, kennels, and tracks for hosting these athletes.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for these hounds and the next generation of racers. Who will be on AGTOA’s 2016 All-America teams? Only time will tell.

The Belmont Stakes & You


Did you know that you can bet the last jewel of the Triple Crown with us? As you sit down to handicap for the big festival of racing, do you know the full history behind the Belmont Stakes?

Imagine the year’s biggest horse racing events as a fancy, royal crown you can wear on your head. The Triple Crown has three spots for brilliant jewels: the first jewel is the Kentucky Derby. The second jewel is the Preakness. The third and final jewel is the Belmont Stakes. These elite horse racing days truly bring the best of the best–horse racing royalty. This year’s Belmont Stakes is no exception as the racing field is full of well-known contenders. The morning line favorite is Exaggerator (Jockey: Kent Desormeaux / Owner: Big Chief Racing, LLC / Trainer: J. Keith Desormeaux) at 9/5 odds.

Even though the Belmont is the third jewel in the Triple Crown and happens last in the horse racing extravaganza, it’s actually one of the oldest stakes races in North America. It’s also the oldest of the Triple Crown events: the Belmont Stakes first ran in 1867, the  Preakness in 1873, and the Kentucky Derby in 1875.

The tradition of betting the Belmont first started in 1867 thanks to the son of a 19th century banker and racing enthusiast. The banker, named August Belmont Sr, passed along his money and love for the sport to his son, August Jr. Among other things, August Jr. went on to be the chairman of the Jockey Club for 30 years, founded Belmont Park, and was the head of New York’s first Racing Commission.

The winner of the Belmont Stakes is the recipient of not just prestige, fame, and airtime on NBC, but also some fabulous gifts from Belmont Park. The winner is draped in the iconic Belmont Stakes white carnation blanket, which is made up of over 700 single carnations. The white carnations represent love and luck, and as such, are the traditional flower of the Belmont Stakes. The winner also gets to take home the awe-inspiring Belmont Trophy.

Known as the August Belmont Memorial Cup, it was first presented by the Belmont Family in 1926 to that year’s winner, Crusader. Each year that trophy is handed down to the next winner. The winning owner, trainer, and jockey receive a silver miniature Belmont Trophy.

Jockey Mike Smith receiving the Belmont Cup after his win with Palace Malice, 2013. Photo courtesy of Belmont Stakes.

Specially crafted by Tiffany & Co, the trophy is a gorgeous silver bowl and cover with some distinctive features which set it apart from every other trophy out there. On the top of the trophy’s cover is a figure of the 1869 Belmont Stakes winner, Fenian, who was rode to glory by August Belmont himself. The cover sits on top of the bowl. Underneath it, the bowl is supported by three silver horses. These silver figures represent Herod, Eclipse, and Matchem; the three grandsons of the historic forefathers of thoroughbred racing.

These three horses pay homage to the three thoroughbred stallion grandfathers: Byerly Turk, Darley Arabian, and Godolphin Arabian. It’s said all thoroughbreds descend from these three bloodlines. From the three horses represented on the Cup, the lineage of Eclipse is predominant in the modern thoroughbred.

This weekend will be one to remember! Join in the excitement of the Belmont Stakes festival of races by taking advantage of our 10% Belmont Deposit promotion! Make a minimum deposit of $50.00 on Saturday, June 11th and you’ll receive a special 10% bonus (up to $50.00). After you’ve made your deposit, enter promotional code BELMONT into your account to receive your bonus same day. Remember, this promotion is good for ONE transaction only and you’ll need to wager the entire bonus and deposit before you may withdraw funds.


Staying in the Belmont spirit, we published a very special Belmont Stakes podcast episode in this week’s installment of Catch the Action with Greyhound Channel! After checking in with greyhound current events and promotions, Alicia and Katie sat down with The Professor to glean tips and other insights on the Belmont Stakes. They learned quite a bit!

The Professor discussed his favorite Belmont Throwback experiences which included watching Secretariat, and also the memories of Affirmed boxing out Alydar in all three 1978 Triple Crown races. Before American Pharoah earned his Triple Crown bragging rights last year, Affirmed was the previous champion who most recently won the Triple Crown.

Do you have any favorite experiences or memories of the Belmont Stakes? We’d love to hear them! Share your experiences with us by replying to our Twitter and Facebook posts regarding the Belmont Throwback and you’ll be entered to win one of our two American Pharoah t-shirts!


And don’t forget: the main event this weekend is to have a good time! We have all of the Belmont Stakes action; this is your chance to be included in this year’s Belmont Stakes legacy! Place your wagers online or with one of our friendly wagering representatives.

Greyhound Genetics


Greyhounds are bred for speed and athletic ability and are not limited to breeding simply for attractive coat and eye color combinations. Because of this, greyhounds can have a variety of coat and eye color combinations, some of which you may not see in other common dog breeds. Officially there are 18 colors of greyhound coats with a total of 55 variations available.

Image courtesy of Recycled Racers.

We know the pup’s coat and eye color depend on their parents; specifically, their genetics. There are three “main” greyhound colors: black, red brindle, and red. The greyhound receives one of these three genes from each of their parents, which is the basis for their coat color. Then, a gene modifier is passed down from both parents, which is what allows for the different coat variations.

One of the rarer genes passed down from greyhound parents to pup is the blue gene (a recessive modifier on the black gene). In order for a greyhound to have a blue coat or any variation of blue, the blue gene must be passed down by both parents. This unique gene makes blue greyhounds a rarity.

If you’re not familiar, “blue” is the term used when a greyhound has a gray coat.

ETHEL IS HERE. Photo courtesy of Jeff Prince, Customer Service Manager at Palm Beach Kennel Club.

Recently in the racing spotlight, ETHEL IS HERE (TRENT LEE X J’S AIYSSA), is a beautiful blue greyhound. Her sire TRENT LEE is a black pup and dam J’S AIYSSA is blue.

TRENT LEE. Image courtesy of Greyhound Data.

TRENT LEE (BRETT LEE X SAN TAN GEM) has sired 3,860 puppies, of which 337 (8.7%) are blue. Interestingly, TRENT LEE’s sire and dam were both black. From this information, we know TRENT LEE passes down the blue recessive gene modifer, which is something he received both from his sire and dam. The same goes for J’S AIYSSA’s dam and sire, since she herself is blue.

Without going into the finer points of genetics, it makes us wonder what ETHEL IS HERE’s litter coloring would be. This hypothetical litter would depend on the sire, too, of course.

Speculation aside, the sire statistics can tell us one thing: greyhounds’ coat and eye color are not factors when it comes to racing. We were unable to find any scientific indicators that link a pup’s athletic prowess directly to the color of their eyes, or coat. However, we did find several articles on the science of greyhound genetics and would like to share with you one of our favorites.

We perused Greyhound Articles Online, a resource full of greyhound-related articles. The article on the subject of coat coloring was incredibly interesting and it related all of the genetic science, too. If you get a free moment, we encourage you to check it out here: Rainbow Colors – Rainbow Greyhounds. This article first appeared in the Spring 1999 issue of Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine and was written by Patricia Gail Burnham.

As breed enthusiasts, we can fawn (no pun intended) over our favorite colored pups. At the end of the day, we know that all greyhounds have one thing in common: they love to run.


Be sure to check out the greyt resource, Greyhound Articles Online. GAO is home to seemingly endless articles written by well-known folks in the field, spanning through many years. They host material from many greyhound-related publications (with permission, of course). Thanks also to Greyhound Data for all of the photos and information on greyhound lineage and sire statistics.

Wednesday Wisdom: Cooling Down!

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom brings you a fact about greyhounds! With help from our friends at Greyhound Facts, we hope to help expand your greyhound racing knowledge, whether you are an experienced greyhound racing spectator or are new to the sport.

Summer is right around the corner and, with it, rising temperatures! We will take a look at how greyhound athletes stay cool in warm weather, but first let’s answer the question: Why do greyhounds overheat easier than other breeds? As you can see when you look at a greyhound, they have a thin coat and very little fat. Because of this, greyhounds don’t have the same insulation as other breeds do to help regulate their body temperature from cold and hot weather. During hot temperatures, it is important that greyhounds stay cool to prevent overheating.


At the track, greyhound athletes are cooled down and walked after they race. Combining water cooling techniques and walking them helps to lower their heart rate and body temperature. It also aids in relaxing their muscles.

Tracks have different forms of water cooling techniques; Walk through tanks, dip tanks, kiddie pools, and hoses are some examples of what are used.


For your greyhounds at home, and other breeds too, it’s important to avoid overheating by walking and exercising your pets at cooler times of the day, typically in the morning and evening. Plenty of accessible drinking water is key and, if your pet is up for it, spraying them down after walking and playing in the heat or relaxing in a kiddie pool are quick ways to cool down your dog. Of course, if you’re ever worried your pet is experiencing heat exhaustion or heat stroke, call your veterinarian immediately.

Stay cool this Summer and remember to keep your pets cool, too!


Greyhound Facts is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Their mission is to provide a place to learn about all aspects of present day greyhound racing in the USA from those with hands on experience. Their network of volunteers includes people who are actively involved in the breeding, raising, training, and rehoming of these wonderful hounds, as well as those who adopt them. To find out more, visit: http://www.greyhoundfacts.org/.

Do you have suggestions or questions you would like answered? Let us know in the comments section!

She Did It: HUSKER MAGIC’s 100th Win!



Are we surprised? No. Are we thrilled? Absolutely.

We’ve long been supporters of Derby Lane’s Darling Diva, having featured her throughout the years in our Inside Lure newsletter and here in our blog. Last week we talked about the Blonde Bombshell in our Catch the Action podcast and speculated about her 100th win–but wow, she did it!

From Imark Kennels and racing for the Jim Abernathy Kennel, the 2015 AGTOA All-America team captain and 2015 Rural Rube award winner, HUSKER MAGIC, is in the spotlight again having earned her 100th career victory on Monday, May 16, 2016 at Derby Lane. Although, can we say she’s in the spotlight again when she’s really never left it?

Now more than ever before, HUSKER MAGIC truly is among racing royalty. She now belongs to an elite group of greyhound athletes, both active and retired, who have individually managed to earn 100 career wins.

After HUSKER MAGIC’S 100th win accomplishment, we chatted with Kayruth Abernathy and got the inside scoop on what’s next for the accomplished sprinter. Stay tuned to the blog this coming Friday, May 27 for our exclusive interview!

Be sure to watch for her racing tonight at Derby Lane’s evening card, race 10. We’re crossing our fingers for her tonight; here’s hoping for HUSKER MAGIC’S career win 101!

Did You Know: Greyhound Channel ACH!


In April we announced PINpocket will be going away in the near future. In its place, we’ve created a brand new funding method: the Greyhound Channel ACH!

Greyhound Channel ACH is a fast, safe way to make deposits to and withdraw funds from your wagering account–with ZERO fees! You’ll be saying “bye-bye” to PINpocket’s $2.00 cash out fee because Greyhound Channel ACH is completely free to use for deposits and withdrawals!

Setting up your Greyhound Channel ACH is easy. If you haven’t already, take a moment and set up your Greyhound Channel ACH today!

Deposits: first, log in to your Greyhound Channel account. Once you’re logged in, click on Account Options, then Funding Options.


What’s great about our new ACH processor is the system is able to see whether you have a PINpocket account and if so, it’ll offer to Link Your PINpocket Account details to save you a step.

If you have a PINpocket account, here’s what you’ll see:


All you need to do is type in “I Agree” and click on “I want to import my PINpocket information.” After you’ve done that, you’ll receive an email notification with details advising you’ve successfully imported your banking information and settings from PINpocket, and that your Greyhound Channel ACH has been created!

You’re all set: simply log in to Greyhound Channel and select Greyhound Channel ACH as your funding option. Upon initiating a deposit, you’ll receive another email when the funds clear into your Greyhound Channel account.

Even if you don’t have a PINpocket account, it’s still easy! After clicking on Greyhound Channel ACH on the Funding Method menu, you’ll be taken to a screen where you may directly enter your bank account information.


From this point you’ll enter your banking information and continue. The next screen should advise you’ve successfully linked your bank account. Before you can begin using the ACH system, you will need to verify that you are the owner of the bank account that you provided. Within 1 – 3 business days, you will receive two small deposits of less than $1.00 to your bank account. Once you see these deposits you’ll need to enter them into the verification page. After completing this process successfully, you’ll be able to use your newly linked bank account. That’s it, you’re done!

Withdrawals: alternatively you may utilize the new Greyhound Channel ACH for withdrawing funds from your wagering account and sending them to your bank account.

Log in to your Greyhound Channel account. Click on Account Options, then Funding Options. This is where we go for funding, and we’ll also head here for withdrawing funds. On the right side, click on Greyhound Channel ACH.


If you haven’t linked your bank account (as described earlier for making a deposit), be sure to go ahead and do that now. Fill out the screen and proceed with the following steps:


Fill out the form with the amount you’d like to withdrawal, and enter your four-digit PIN for your wagering account. Next you’ll see:


Be sure to check the box to AUTHORIZE the withdrawal, and click on Continue. The next page will confirm the information you’ve entered. Make sure everything is correct on the screen, and click Continue.


And just like that, the funds were deducted from your wagering account! Once cleared, the funds will be transferred into your bank account within three business days and will show on your statement as Greyhound Channel.

No fees, no confusing steps. Just easy money management! And as always, if you have any questions please call in and speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives. We’re here to help you!


Do you have an idea for a future “Did You Know” featured segment? Leave us a comment! If  your idea is featured, we’ll credit your Greyhound Channel wagering account with $2 as our way of saying thank you. We’d love to hear from you!

Did You Know: Race Results, Live Video, and Replays!

After an exciting Saturday evening of playing in our Handicapping Contest Challenge, have you ever wondered what the results and prices of the races were? Ever wanted to watch the race replays but not sure where to view them? Beyond the over the phone and online wagering experiences, we are proud to offer many features for free that most sites make you pay to use including free race results, live racing video, and race replays.

For the sake of our example, our 2/20/16 Saturday Handicapping Contest Challenge was hosted at Southland Park Evening. Let’s illustrate how to find past results and race replays.

We have a handful of different ways to find race results and video replays on Greyhound Channel. Let’s check out how to look this information up via GHC Express.

1.     Make sure you’re at our webpage: www.greyhoundchannel.com.

2.     Log in using your account number and four digit pin.


3.     Once you’ve logged in, click on GHC Express.


Not only can you use GHC Express on your desktop computer, you can also use it on your smartphone or other internet capable mobile device. From the main GHC Express screen, you can make bets, watch live video, see same-day results; which makes it one of the most powerfully compact wagering applications we offer.

4.     Check out all of this information available at a glance. We see the next tracks coming up in our favorites, our account balance, and information about the current card at Naples-Ft Myers Eve. Remember we were curious to see the results from 2/20/16’s Saturday Handicapping Contest Challenge at Southland? Let’s check ‘em out! Click on Past Results in the top bar.


This will open up the Past Results section in a new tab. If this doesn’t happen for you, make sure your browser’s pop-up blocker feature is set to allow pop-ups from us.

5.     Select the date for the results you’re looking for: in this case, we want it to be 2/20/16. Once you’ve selected the date, scroll down and look to the left-side for the track you want to view. In this case, we want Southland Eve. Once you click on Southland Eve, results will automatically pull up on the screen:


Scroll through the results to find the results you’re looking for. Pretty nice, right?

GHC Express has a lot of great features but another we’d like to highlight is the video race replays option. From this very results screen, you can click on the Live Video & Race Replays link on the top left of the bar:


This will change the page from past results to Live Video & Race Replays and the video should automatically start streaming with whichever track is currently running.


When you click on the link it defaults to live video. Say you want to view Southland Eve from 2/20/16, to watch the races from the Saturday Handicapping Contest. In this window, click on the Race Replays button on the top right-side.


This will change the information directly underneath this button from the live data to a calendar. Select the desired track from the pull down menu, then select which date.


Click on the 20th, select the race, and boom! It’s like you’re at the track. GHC Express is a greyt way to stay connected with the most up-to-date information for results and replays.

And remember: you can always access live and video replays directly on Greyhound Channel after logging in with your account information by clicking on Watch All Races Live. You can also get past race results via our Greyhound Data link on the main page, too.

As always, if you ever have a question or would like help with our website, feel free to call in at 877-782-5323 and hit option 4 to speak with a Customer Service Representative. We’re here to help!


Would you like to give us feedback about GHC Express or any of our other wagering applications? Do you have an idea you would like to see featured in another “Did You Know?” segment? Call in or send us an email at custserv@GreyhoundChannel.com. We’d love to hear from you!