The Belmont Stakes & You


Did you know that you can bet the last jewel of the Triple Crown with us? As you sit down to handicap for the big festival of racing, do you know the full history behind the Belmont Stakes?

Imagine the year’s biggest horse racing events as a fancy, royal crown you can wear on your head. The Triple Crown has three spots for brilliant jewels: the first jewel is the Kentucky Derby. The second jewel is the Preakness. The third and final jewel is the Belmont Stakes. These elite horse racing days truly bring the best of the best–horse racing royalty. This year’s Belmont Stakes is no exception as the racing field is full of well-known contenders. The morning line favorite is Exaggerator (Jockey: Kent Desormeaux / Owner: Big Chief Racing, LLC / Trainer: J. Keith Desormeaux) at 9/5 odds.

Even though the Belmont is the third jewel in the Triple Crown and happens last in the horse racing extravaganza, it’s actually one of the oldest stakes races in North America. It’s also the oldest of the Triple Crown events: the Belmont Stakes first ran in 1867, the  Preakness in 1873, and the Kentucky Derby in 1875.

The tradition of betting the Belmont first started in 1867 thanks to the son of a 19th century banker and racing enthusiast. The banker, named August Belmont Sr, passed along his money and love for the sport to his son, August Jr. Among other things, August Jr. went on to be the chairman of the Jockey Club for 30 years, founded Belmont Park, and was the head of New York’s first Racing Commission.

The winner of the Belmont Stakes is the recipient of not just prestige, fame, and airtime on NBC, but also some fabulous gifts from Belmont Park. The winner is draped in the iconic Belmont Stakes white carnation blanket, which is made up of over 700 single carnations. The white carnations represent love and luck, and as such, are the traditional flower of the Belmont Stakes. The winner also gets to take home the awe-inspiring Belmont Trophy.

Known as the August Belmont Memorial Cup, it was first presented by the Belmont Family in 1926 to that year’s winner, Crusader. Each year that trophy is handed down to the next winner. The winning owner, trainer, and jockey receive a silver miniature Belmont Trophy.

Jockey Mike Smith receiving the Belmont Cup after his win with Palace Malice, 2013. Photo courtesy of Belmont Stakes.

Specially crafted by Tiffany & Co, the trophy is a gorgeous silver bowl and cover with some distinctive features which set it apart from every other trophy out there. On the top of the trophy’s cover is a figure of the 1869 Belmont Stakes winner, Fenian, who was rode to glory by August Belmont himself. The cover sits on top of the bowl. Underneath it, the bowl is supported by three silver horses. These silver figures represent Herod, Eclipse, and Matchem; the three grandsons of the historic forefathers of thoroughbred racing.

These three horses pay homage to the three thoroughbred stallion grandfathers: Byerly Turk, Darley Arabian, and Godolphin Arabian. It’s said all thoroughbreds descend from these three bloodlines. From the three horses represented on the Cup, the lineage of Eclipse is predominant in the modern thoroughbred.

This weekend will be one to remember! Join in the excitement of the Belmont Stakes festival of races by taking advantage of our 10% Belmont Deposit promotion! Make a minimum deposit of $50.00 on Saturday, June 11th and you’ll receive a special 10% bonus (up to $50.00). After you’ve made your deposit, enter promotional code BELMONT into your account to receive your bonus same day. Remember, this promotion is good for ONE transaction only and you’ll need to wager the entire bonus and deposit before you may withdraw funds.


Staying in the Belmont spirit, we published a very special Belmont Stakes podcast episode in this week’s installment of Catch the Action with Greyhound Channel! After checking in with greyhound current events and promotions, Alicia and Katie sat down with The Professor to glean tips and other insights on the Belmont Stakes. They learned quite a bit!

The Professor discussed his favorite Belmont Throwback experiences which included watching Secretariat, and also the memories of Affirmed boxing out Alydar in all three 1978 Triple Crown races. Before American Pharoah earned his Triple Crown bragging rights last year, Affirmed was the previous champion who most recently won the Triple Crown.

Do you have any favorite experiences or memories of the Belmont Stakes? We’d love to hear them! Share your experiences with us by replying to our Twitter and Facebook posts regarding the Belmont Throwback and you’ll be entered to win one of our two American Pharoah t-shirts!


And don’t forget: the main event this weekend is to have a good time! We have all of the Belmont Stakes action; this is your chance to be included in this year’s Belmont Stakes legacy! Place your wagers online or with one of our friendly wagering representatives.

Podcast Announcement & Last Handicapper Standing Update


Have you heard? We are the proud creators of a brand new greyhound racing related podcast! Catch the Action with Greyhound Channel, a podcast dedicated to the people, community, and all aspects of greyhound racing, launched on Saturday, April 30. We had a greyt time talking about current events and even had a segment with The Professor!

Our podcast episodes are only 10 minutes long, so you can catch the action at your leisure: commuting to work, running errands–even while downloading free programs from our site and handicapping. Last week The Professor gave some greyt picks for stakes races last Saturday, both of which were in the money with impressive payouts.

Be sure to tune in and Catch the Action with Greyhound Channel! Our next episode will air on Saturday, May 14–we hope you tune in!

Want to see what it’s all about? Subscribing and listening to our podcast is completely free! You can find our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Spreaker. We have a link directly on Greyhound Channel (click on the podcast icon at the top), and you can also find our podcast on our contest site.


We are 12 rounds through our Last Handicapper Standing contest! What started on April 13 as our spring contest has burst into an action packed handicapping challenge. With only 15 rounds left in the competition, we are nearly halfway through!

We’ve seen some exciting stakes action, from round 1 to final.

The exciting conclusion of Palm Beach’s Bob Balfe Puppy Stakes:

The Spring Futurity Championship at Southland:


Derby Lane’s Gold Trophy Juvenile Final:



Here’s our current Last Handicapper Standing Leaderboard Top Five as of May 7:

The next Last Handicapper Standing round will be on Sunday, May 15 for the round 1 action at Southland’s Razorback Classic. The very next day on Monday, May 16 we’ll have another Last Handicapper Standing qualifying event in the bestbet Puppy Stakes round 1.

Do you have what it takes? Who will be the Last Handicapper Standing?


Stay tuned! We’ll be sure to keep our contest site up-to-date with the latest information with race programs and contest standings! You can count on us to keep you connected via our Facebook and Twitter, too.

The Last Handicapper Standing


Back again for its third year, the Last Handicapper Standing Stakes Challenge is a popular contest designed to test your handicapping skills. The LHS will have you competing against your fellow handicappers each round to achieve the highest mutuel payout total for WPS over the course of several stakes races.

This contest is all about embracing the challenge of handicapping with the excitement of multiple stakes series. Handicappers new and old have brought out the pens, scratch paper, and programs to figure out which pup will come out on top each qualifying round with the best WPS mutuel payout total.

Throughout the duration of the contest, we’ll be handicapping Palm Beach’s Bob Balfe Puppy Stakes, Southland’s Spring Futurity, Derby Lane’s Gold Trophy Juvenile, Southland’s Razorback Classic, bestbet’s Puppy Stakes, Southland’s Southland Derby, and Derby Lane’s St. Petersburg Derby. Not only will you submit your selection per round on the Greyhound Channel contest site, but you also put your money where your mouth is by placing a $2.00 WPS on your handicapping entry. (Note: the $2.00 WPS bet is required in order for your handicapping entry to count toward the LHS contest. Any entry without an accompanying $2.00 WPS bet for a handicapping selection will not count towards the contest.)

We kicked off the first round of LHS on Wednesday, April 13, which featured the qualifying races of Palm Beach’s Bob Balfe Puppy Stakes round 1 (races 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 15).

Palm Beach – Bob Balfe Puppy Stakes Round 1: Race Number, Winner, WPS Payout

  • Race 4: FLYING RUSSIAN ($19.80, $6.00, $3.40) – Early lead on the inside.
  • Race 6: JS SWEET REVENGE ($8.20, $4.80, $3.80) – Breaks on the inside, all the way.
  • Race 8: JS INSTA GATOR ($25.60, $14.00, $7.80) – Without trouble maintained lead.
  • Race 10: SENTINEL ($5.00, $3.20, $2.40) – Late speed to close the front-stretch.
  • Race 12: KINDA CRUEL RED ($2.60, $2.20, $2.20) – No trouble down the middle.
  • Race 14: BLU TOO ATAREE ($2.80, $2.40, $2.10) – Early speed and lead.
  • Race 15: WIKI RAY DONOVAN ($3.00, $2.40. $2.10) – Box to wire.

As always, you can catch race replays absolutely free under our Watch All Races Live section. (Click on Watch All Races Live then click on Race Replays. Select the track, month, day, and race number and you’re in the action, any time!)

Here’s the Last Handicapper Standing leaderboard as of April 14:


Seems like something up your alley? You haven’t even seen our contest prizes:

  • 1st Place                         $500.00
  • 2nd Place                       $250.00
  • 3rd Place                        $150.00
  • 4th Place                        $100.00
  • 5th Place                        $50.00
  • Runners-up 6-10          GHC merchandise

Just for playing, every participant will receive 1,000 points for our Greyhound Channel contest site that they can redeem for merchandise! Winners will be based on total overall cash accumulated by the end of the last stakes race listed. In the event of a tie, the winner will be selected by a random drawing. Winners will be notified by email or phone and will be required to wager the total amount awarded to them at least once prior to withdrawal.

It’s not too late to play! The next qualifying round of LHS is tomorrow, Saturday, April 16 at Palm Beach’s Bob Balfe Puppy Stakes Round 2. Then on Sunday, April 17 we have another LHS qualifying round at Southland’s Sprint Futurity Round 1! The last qualifying round of LHS will conclude on July 1, with Southland’s Derby Championship. You can check out the official contest race schedule here.

Be sure to submit your LHS selections via the Greyhound Channel contest site’s LHS enter here link. After submitting your LHS picks prior to the qualifying race, don’t forget to wager your $2.00 WPS to confirm your selection either over the phone with a Greyhound Channel wagering agent, or via our online wagering system.


Do you have what it takes? Who will be the Last Handicapper Standing?


Stay tuned! We’ll be sure to keep the Greyhound Channel contest site, Facebook, and Twitter up-to-date with the latest standings and news. Get in the Action with Greyhound Channel!

Contest of Champions- 2015

We agree with our customers: the Track of the Week Saturday Handicapping Contest is one of our favorite promotions! The Saturday Handicapping Contest is offered every single Saturday throughout the year, spotlighting different greyhound tracks each week and inviting our customers to participate in the free handicapping contest for their chance to win up to $200! For this week’s 1/30/16 Track of the Week Handicapping Contest, we’ll be playing at Derby Lane! Enter this week’s Contest here for your chance to win up to $200!

The Professor has been putting on this handicapping contest since 2011. Every Saturday we watch the greyhound races and cheer on our contest participants. The winner is announced on Sunday morning and receives $100 credited to their wagering account. Not to be left out, the top five finishers receive Greyhound Channel Contest Points to their Greyhound Channel Contest site account, to be used to redeem for #greyt merchandise and wagering credits. We post the handicapping contest results to Greyhound Channel, and also our Facebook and Twitter pages because we’re impressed by our customers’ handicapping skills.

Saturday’s winner is then invited back to participate in the head-to-head Handicapping Challenge the following Monday. We pit the winner up against The Professor: he’s one of our dedicated in-house handicappers and authors the biweekly Greyhound Channel Blog series This Week with The Professor. Always a gentleman, The Professor allows the Saturday Winner to have first-pick to choose their greyhound to win the race, then he makes a pick. If the Saturday Winner’s choice finishes ahead of The Professor’s selection, they are declared the winner of the challenge and receive an additional $100!

The Saturday Handicapping Contest Winner from each week is recorded. At the end of the year, The Professor invites all of the weekly winners to participate in the Contest of Champions.

The Professor has been putting on this free contest for several years. Our first Contest of Champions was held back in early 2012 for the 2011 Track of the Week Saturday Handicapping Contest winners. Each year, the Contest of Champions is held at a different track and is only open to those previous year’s Track of the Week Saturday Handicapping Contest winners.

This year’s 2015 Contest of Champions will be using the night program at bestbet on February 6, 2016. And the #greyt thing about the Contest of Champions? Not only is the first-place prize pretty sweet ($250 credited to the winner’s Greyhound Channel account), but as something new this year and courtesy of bestbet, the first five finishers will receive a prize pack!

Are you a Champion? Be sure to check your email (including your spam and junk boxes) as eligible account holders will be notified via the email address on file in their Greyhound Channel account if they are eligible to compete in the 2015 Contest of Champions. (Note: if the email address is invalid, eligible customers must contact with their new email address.)

Check out our Greyhound Channel Contest Site for the rules and further information on the Contest of Champions.

Spotlight: New Year Survey Responses


As 2015 ushered in 2016, we became introspective. While we don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions (ice cream tastes way too good!), we thought we could at least reflect on 2015 and set the bar higher for 2016. Sometimes, it can be difficult to see what’s right in front of you. We wanted to get a fresh perspective from people we care about so we turned to our customers for feedback.

We created a survey asking questions about our 2015 promotions. Over the course of two weeks, we had 146 participants take a moment out of their day to send us feedback. As we appreciate our customers taking time out of their busy lives to let us know how we’re doing, we thought it’d only be fair to share the survey results with everyone.

Questions 1 & 2: What was your favorite promotion or contest from 2015? Why was that promotion or contest your favorite?

We had over 30% of people say their favorite promotion was our Track of the Week Handicapping Contest. It’s one of our favorites, too, especially when our customers have the weekly chance to win up to $200–free! We had folks say their second most favorite promotion of 2015 was our 10% Deposit Bonus. Understandably, 58% of our customers said it was the prize or bonus that made our promotions engaging. The level of difficulty was also a big reason for people, as it came in with 18% of survey responses.

Question 3: How do you hear about our promotions and contests?

This question was very interesting for us because we promote our contests on many different platforms. You can always get the latest and #greyt-est news from the promotional banners and the promotions link on Greyhound Channel; our Greyhound Channel Contest site; our Facebook and Twitter accounts; by calling us and listening to our phone recording or speaking with a Greyhound Channel Customer Service Representative; signing up for and receiving our promotional emails and newsletter, the Inside Lure; or by word of mouth from a friend, family member, or promotional advertisement at your favorite greyhound track.

Over 68% of respondents selected they learn about new promotions and contests by visiting Greyhound Channel directly. Of that 68%, 36% of our survey responses said they learn about our contests and promotions by the promotional banners posted daily and 32% said they utilize the promotions link via Greyhound Channel.

Questions 4 & 5: Do you have a Twitter or Facebook? Would you be willing to create a Twitter or Facebook account to participate in our promotions or contests?

The majority (58%) of our survey-takers said they had some form of social media account. A total of 61% of folks were receptive to the idea of creating a Twitter or Facebook account just to connect with us–wow! That makes us feel pretty special. 🙂

Question 6: Do you have any additional feedback you would like to share?

This question was purposefully designed to be open-ended because we wanted truthful answers from our customers. The responses were overwhelmingly positive. Our Greyhound Channel Customer Service Representatives were praised several times for their level of professionalism, knowledge, and kindness. Folks provided additional information about their favorite promotions and why they liked them so much, which was great. We received a few ideas for new promotions, which is exciting for us as we plan to brainstorm new promotions for the coming year.


Your comments and feedback were incredibly positive and we appreciated everyone taking a moment to help us reflect on 2015. Everyone who participated received a $2.00 wagering credit to their Greyhound Channel account and on the final day of the survey, we randomly selected Jeremiah W. from over 145 survey respondents to receive the $25.00 Survey Prize!

We’ve unpacked the survey questions and posted your feedback. Now the real question is, what do we plan on doing with the information? What does that mean for our customers?

It means we will continue to be as dedicated to you now as we were on our first day of business back in 2000. We pledge to bring you even more new and dynamic content for 2016. We have taken your feedback and are in the process of creating promotions to entice and challenge our customers. We plan to build on our popular promotions, such as the Track of the Week Handicapping Challenge and the daily Paydog Pick of the Day (PPOD), to offer more options and greater rewards for all.


Don’t forget your favorite weekly promotion, our Track of the Week Handicapping Contest, is coming up tomorrow at Naples Park! Be sure to play for your chance at a free $200.00!

Derby Lane Holiday Distance Challenge / Exotic Howliday Jackpot


One of the biggest stakes series of the holiday season concluded Saturday, December 12, 2015 with the final round of the $75,000 Derby Lane Holiday Distance Challenge. The Challenge consisted of five rounds and ushered an impressive complement of greyhound athletes every race.

Running parallel with Derby Lane’s Holiday Distance Challenge, we created a dynamic promotion to coincide with the five rounds. The Exotic Howliday Jackpot promotion was comprised of hitting specific wagers to earn points (1-exacta, 2-trifecta, 2-superfecta) in any of the official Holiday Distance Challenge races in the specific round. A maximum of 5 points could be earned per round, with the contest’s total amount of points being 25.


Saturday, November 28 kicked off round 1 with four races (4, 6, 8, 10) and we had posted our hot dog picks right here on the Blog. We are pleased to report we were in the money every single race, two of which were winners. HIGHLY CLASSIFIED and LK’S MC CLINTOCK each won, NIGHT GODDESS placed, and LK’S TRAMONTINA showed.Our Greyhound Channel Exotic Howliday Jackpot participants racked up points and took their spots on the official leaderboard.

Round 2 of the Holiday Distance Challenge took off on Wednesday, December 2 with another four races (4, 6, 8, 10). We had another great turnout with the hot dogs we picked. LK’S MC CLINTOCK won his race with HIGHLY CLASSIFIED and BARTS MOUSTAKAS placing in each of their races. Our Greyhound Channel Exotic Howliday Jackpot participants scored here, with names being added and points flying onto the leaderboard.

Saturday, December 5 flew by with only two races (6, 10) in round 3 of Derby Lane’s Holiday Distance Challenge. In race 6 our hot dog, HIGHLYCLASSIFIED, won! In race 10, our other hot dog, BARTS MOUSTAKAS, flashed across the finish line for another win! By this point, our Greyhound Channel Exotic Howliday Jackpot participants were feeling the crush, what with only two races to score points in vs. the prior four race rounds. Impressively, points continued to be earned despite this extra level of difficulty.

The semi-finals were full of anticipation on Wednesday, December 9: both for the actual races at Derby Lane, and to see how the Exotic Howliday Jackpot contenders fared. The two-race (6,10) round was full of anticipation as we wondered whether our hot dogs could make the cut. In race 6, we were not disappointed as BARTS MOUSTAKAS blazed through for the win. Race 10 boasted a full card of eager pups who didn’t disappoint with their impressive performances. The fact participants could only earn points in the two races, again, made it difficult to stay ahead in this promotion. Not surprisingly, the handicapping caliber of our contenders saw them through another tough round. Points steadily increased on our leaderboard.


Race 10 on Saturday, December 12 was the final round for the Holiday Distance Challenge and it went off with a bang. Eight stellar hounds went head-to-head and we were so impressed with the entire field that it was truly tough to say who would win this final race. Our early first round hot dog pick, HIGHLYCLASSIFIED, won it going away. He had a flawless break and by racing smartly to avoid trouble and using the final turn in the backstretch, he was on the chase and overcame GT’S GIN N JUICE to snag the win. As Derby Lane’s Jim Peake stated, “it [was] a two dog race!”

Our Exotic Howliday Jackpot finished with the final round of the Holiday Distance Challenge. We had two winners, both of which finished with the maximum amount of points possible. Rick C. and Jason G. split the $1,000 jackpot for $500 each. Great job to all who participated!


Don’t forget: We still have our other promotion, Bonus Bandit’s Greyt Gifts, with 6 days of greyt gifts left to receive! Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and contest site for daily updates.

This Week with The Professor: Trouble Prone Greyhounds?


Have you ever looked over the racing form and found what appears to be a “diamond in the rough” quality hound? The next time you’re tempted to take one of these pups, keep The Professor’s tips in mind.

Trouble prone greyhounds?

I am sure that you have noticed that there are greyhounds whose past performance lines contain many comments, such as “bumped, collided, shut off, etc.” The fact that these greyhounds are constantly in trouble is not just bad luck. You may want to use these recent problems as a reason to select that dog in the upcoming race. Beware of this angle: it can be hazardous to your bankroll.

There are a number of reasons that this type of greyhound is getting himself in trouble. One may be that he does not have enough early speed to get clear consistently. Another is that the dog may tend to “let up,” or “check” slightly in traffic, thus causing him to collide with other greyhounds. Some may not have a high racing “IQ” and are not able to avoid collisions.

Whatever the reason, to expect that “this time” will be different is folly, and can lead to a lightening of your wallet in a hurry. Avoid this type of greyhound when trying to find the “key” greyhound to wager on in a race.

There’s one greyhound that is ALWAYS a winner in our book, and it’s the Bonus Bandit! Today is day 14 of Bandit’s 24 Days of Greyt Gifts promotion, and we have an exciting prize for you.


The Professor is known for his savvy handicapping tips and words of wisdom. Enter promo code PROFESSOR14 into your Greyhound Channel account and by Noon tomorrow, you’ll receive a FREE $2.00 wagering credit posted to your account. You’ll also receive an official Greyhound Channel pen mailed to the address on file in your account! Take your wagering credit & handicapping pen, review some of The Professor’s handicapping tips, and play the races!

Have a question for The Professor? Leave a comment below and you could receive a $2 wagering credit to your Greyhound Channel account if your question is featured!

Track of the Week: Derby Lane Evening


We have Derby Lane Evening as our featured Track of the Week and the track of our Exotic Howliday Jackpot! This week is especially exciting because both Derby Lane and our Exotic Howliday Jackpot are in their final round. Derby Lane’s $75,000 Holiday Distance Challenge Final is in Race 10 tonight with a start time of approximately 10:00 PM EST. Here are the hounds we think will come in on top:

#1, HIGHLYCLASSIFIED, is in a great spot to be in the race early and looks tough to hold off for the victory.

#6, BARTS MOUSTAKAS, usually has a great kick midtrack that should propel him for a spot in the money.

#8, GT’S GIN N JUICE. With her early speed, she will be winging early and hope to have enough to hang on for the win.

Don’t forget to play our free handicapping Track of the Week contest featuring Derby Lane’s evening card tonight for your chance to win up to $200 and earn points towards our $1,000 Exotic Howliday Jackpot!

Enjoy the race and check our website tomorrow, 12/13, to see who won the $1,000 Exotic Howliday Jackpot! Good luck!


Jingle (Blog) All the Way!

Bella Incubus is already in the holiday spirit!

Inc and Bonus Bandit have been happy hounds developing our special holiday promotions this season. From an exciting wagering competition with our Exotic Howliday Jackpot and 24 days of Greyt Gifts, we’ve had a thrilling start to December.

Our Exotic Howliday Jackpot contest coincides with Derby Lane’s 9th Annual $75,000 Holiday Distance Challenge.

The Exotic Howliday Jackpot round 1 began on Saturday, 11/28 and will finish up with round 5 on Saturday, 12/12. As we move toward the semi-finals and final rounds at Derby Lane’s 9th annual Holiday Distance Challenge series, we can’t help but wonder: will our current point leaders be able to stay on top and win the $1,000 Exotic Howliday Jackpot? Round 4 of the Exotic Howliday Jackpot is during the semi-finals round at Derby Lane on Wednesday 12/9, which means the tough of the tough will be vying for the top 8 spots to be in the final on Saturday, 12/12. We’re cheering on all of our participants and hope, above all else, everyone has been enjoying the excitement of a #greyt challenge series, courtesy of Derby Lane!

Bandit’s 24 Days of Greyt Gifts has been a roaring success. Bandit’s delivered daily bonuses and special prizes to all account holders who have entered in each day’s special promotional code. Daily gifts have ranged from a $25.00 social media giveaway, 10% bonus on the cost of winning wagers at specific tracks (so far, Bandit’s delivered a 10% bonus at Derby Lane), Super Charged Fetch & Cycle days, a secret Paydog Pick of the Day, and 1,000 Greyhound Channel Contest Points! Which brings us to today’s special prize… Bandit’s delivering his Day 7 Greyt Gift here!


Day 7: Bandit’s giving away a FREE $2.00 wager, courtesy of the Greyhound Channel Blog! Enter promo code BLOG7 into your Greyhound Channel account and by Noon tomorrow, you’ll receive a free $2.00 wagering credit added to your Greyhound Channel account! Thanks, Bandit!

The Greyhound Channel Blog is the official home for exclusive information on new Greyhound Channel promotions and industry-related news! Be sure to subscribe to our official newsletter, the Inside Lure (check out our newsletter archive) to receive our latest articles. “Like” us on Facebook & “follow” us on Twitter for our latest announcements.

Orange Park Evening


We have bestbet’s Orange Park as our featured Track of the Week and part of our Paydog Pick of the Day! Tonight will be the Final Round of their $12,500 bestbet Juvenile with the post time for the card starting at 7:45 PM EST. The Final will take place in Race 11. Here are the hounds we believe will come in on top:

#8, SHEEZSOHOT, is a young runner who is still improving. She is versatile in her running style; she can go early or show her relentless effort in catching her competitors.

#4, MAC’S MELANIE, will be tough to catch if she hits her break.

#2, PULLANALLNIGHTER, has early speed to take the lead early on. Look at her to get in on a piece of the action.

Don’t forget to play our free handicapping Track of the Week contest featuring Orange Park’s evening card tonight for your chance to win up to $200!

While you’re playing the bestbet Juvenile Final at Orange Park, don’t miss out on receiving 10% back on the cost of your winning wagers in Race 11 with our Paydog Pick of the Day! We will have a Double Paydog Pick of the Day as Bonus Bandit’s Greyt Gift for today! Enter promo code DOUBLE5 to receive 10% on your winning wagers at Derby Lane Evening in Race 6. Want to learn more about Bonus Bandit’s 24 Days of Greyt Gifts? Click here or ask a Customer Service Representative for more details by calling us toll free at 877-782-5323.

Good luck tonight and have a greyt weekend!