Blog Spotlight: NGA’s 2018 Spring Meet

The National Greyhound Association’s 2018 Spring Meet took place the last couple of weeks in Abilene, Kansas, where we co-sponsored race 38. Finishing, in order, in our race was: COBI’S SCREWBALL, CTW VIVA VESTA, COBI’S DERRINGER, SE’S JET POWER, SAMANTHA FOX, and KENNETH BIEHLE.

We were excited to hear that FLYING WOLF PACK was recognized at the Greyhound Hall of Fame on Thursday night, April 19th, for his excellent athleticism. FLYING WOLF PACK and his team received top honors for his NGA Rural Rube award win and earning the American Greyhound Track Operator’s Association’s (AGTOA) captain of the 2017 All-America Team.


We would like to congratulate the winners of each race during the 2018 Spring Meet.

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