This Week With The Professor: Pups Moving Up in Class

One of the most difficult things to assess is how pups moving out of the maiden ranks will do on the rise up the grading ladder. Some pups, who are outstanding, will have no trouble moving up until they reach grade A, which is a dog of a different color, so to speak.

Even the most outstanding pups will have trouble when reaching the top grade, and are usually over bet when they do. But I digress, and will return to that later. One way to discern how a pup will do when moving up is to look and see how other maidens have done after winning.


This will vary greatly from track to track. At some tracks, the pups are top notch and will be tough, and at other tracks, not so much, and will find trouble against older hounds. Do your homework and it will pay off. Back to pups who have risen up the ladder quickly into grade A. My advice is to try and beat these pups, as they are ALWAYS overbet and will frequently take some time to adjust to the top hounds. If they do beat you, take solace in that the payoff will be small, and if you win, the payoff will be great.


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3 thoughts on “This Week With The Professor: Pups Moving Up in Class

  1. Professor,
    Besides greyhound racing being fun and entertaining, have you, or anyone you know, ever made a real living from wagering on the greyhounds? Most of us as bettors have hit nice payoffs at times but to be consistent at it is difficult because of the unpredictability of the racers. With so many handicapping methods, many of which you cover in your posts, it’s still difficult to be spot on most of the time. I find it hard to believe someone when they tell me that they always win on the races and make a big profit. They must be wizards at money management wouldn’t you say?

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