This Week With The Professor: Q & A

Today, The Professor will answer questions submitted by David L. and
Paul W.

“Now that you have answered the day and night question how about hot or cold weather?”

– David L.


David, it has been my experience that this is not a big factor, with a couple of exceptions. When the weather is cold, the older greyhound’s performances do seem to suffer somewhat. The reason for this is obvious. When one gets older cold weather tends to make any aches and pains the greyhound may have seem to have a negative effect on them, just as it does with humans (personal experience with this!). the other factor is rain, which makes the track muddy. It has long been said that you want to play the bigger, early speed dogs in the mud. This makes total sense as the late speed dogs would get mud in their face and pick up mud on the balnket, which would bother them greatly. I think the early speed factor is more important than the actual size of the dog.

Is there any truth to the quality of racers being superior at night? I always thought so.

– Paul W.


Paul, you would have been correct years ago, but now the opposite seems to be true at a couple of tracks. Palm Beach for example, runs their higher grade greyounds during the Matinee programs. Also Southland runs their stakes races during their Twilight programs. Most of the other tracks do run their stakes eliminations and top grade hounds on their night programs.

Thanks for the questions, David and Paul!


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2 thoughts on “This Week With The Professor: Q & A

  1. I’d be interested in the Professor’s opinion on this: A friend of mine and I were discussing over the past weekend at BestBet Orange Park whether it is better to concentrate on one track (easier to remember track biases, individual greyhound running styles, etc.) or try to “hit” races on several different tracks.


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