This Week With The Professor: Q & A

Lawrence A. asks “Every greyhound track seems to have different grading systems. Why aren’t there universal grades for all greyhounds?”

In a perfect world, every track would indeed have the same grading system. Believe it or not, it is more universal than it used to be. There was a time when several tracks used systems of AA, A, BB, B, C. Now the only real significant difference is that a few tracks such as Tri-State, Wheeling, and Southland use AA as their top grade instead of A, and therefore D is the lowest grade instead of E. My guess is to why they do this is to not use the Grade E, which may denote poor greyhounds. There may be some advantage to this when greyhounds are changing tracks as an A dog from one of these tracks may in reality be a B dog at their new destination and be overbet.

This might be a good time to go over some of the Grade designations and what they stand for. When you see an S or SA designation on a race, that means it is a “special” or “stakes” race. Though in reality a “stakes” race is supposed to be a race where the owner of a runner puts up money, which is then split up among the winning runners. In greyhound racing an added money race is called a stakes race. When you see a T or a TA, TB, etc, that means the greyhounds in that race are of different grades and the A or B, etc, represents the highest grade dog in the race. This is true everywhere except Daytona, where all races are designated TA or TB, etc. I have no idea why this is. One exception to all of this is when the Texas tracks run, all the races are designated with an S, which designates Texas bred greyhounds.


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