This Week With The Professor: Lucky Numbers

Many handicappers have what they think are “lucky numbers,” and they always seem to include those numbers when they are wagering. In my opinion, these numbers should be called “unlucky numbers.”

Playing “lucky numbers” is fine if you are playing the lottery, which is a mindless exercise, or are on a game show and have to choose a number. Having “lucky numbers” when playing the greyhounds, or thoroughbreds, is almost always a negative exercise. If your “lucky numbers” come in, and you used them, you think that it was luck and not for a legitimate reason, such as how the greyhound ran, or how the race was run. When you then analyze the race, you will not look at it objectively.

If the “lucky numbers” do not come in, you have wasted money including them in your play. Let’s say that you do not include the “lucky numbers” in your play, then they come in. Now you are playing the mind game that you should have played them and you didn’t.

In my opinion, the only reason a number is important is because of post position and how the runner will like that position. I have known quite a few “numbers players” over the years and have never known one who showed a profit in the long run. If you like playing numbers and don’t care about showing a profit and just want to have fun, go for it, but don’t expect to be a winner in the long run.


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