This Week With The Professor: Over Handicapping

One of the most common and most difficult faults to overcome is over handicapping. There can be a fine line between being thorough in your analysis of a race and being so thorough that you become paralyzed and unable to make a rational decision on what to play. I wish I had a magic pill for this malady, but I don’t. I can think of many times early in my handicapping career where my initial thinking of a race was correct, but I started doubting myself because of the odds or discussions I had with others. Typically, this would end up changing my mind and I would then regret it.

My best advice is to trust your initial thoughts when looking at the program. By saying that, I don’t mean that you should do a quick look and just go with it. You should have a fairly good idea of what you think the race looks like and then expand on that. It is not necessary or wise to try and make a case for every greyhound in the race because if you do that, you will end up confusing yourself and not having confidence in your wagering. The old saying “go with your gut” is a good one.


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2 thoughts on “This Week With The Professor: Over Handicapping

  1. What are the reasons that greyhounds are often scratched from a race especially right before the post-parade or at the starting box (late-scratches). This seems to happen often at the smaller tracks especially. Who decides the late-scratches especially when the greyhounds are already at the starting box. Thanks for your answer.


    1. Hi Hank! Sorry about the delay in response. Somehow your question got overlooked. Sorry about that! The only reason that a greyhound would be scratched at the box would be if someone had noticed an injury, or something wrong with the greyhound (e.g., sick). The decision to scratch would be made by the judges, on advice from the State Veterinarian. I have found this to be very rare with greyhounds and much more common with thoroughbreds. Pre-race scratches occur for a couple of reasons. One would be the trainer scratched the greyhound for sickness or injury. Another reason would be the Vet noticed something amiss with the greyhound at the weigh in. The most common reason for a pre-race scratch is that the dog was not within two pounds of their set weight at the pre-race weigh in, which occurs 1 1/2 to 2 hours before first post. Thank you for the greyt question!


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