This Week With The Professor: Female Racers

Today, The Professor will answer a question submitted by David L. He asked, “When a female comes into season, does she still race? Can this be disruptive and annoying to the males in the kennel. If so, is the female removed?”


The answer to this question is no. If a female is in season she is not permitted to race. If a female comes into season they are generally removed from the racing kennel, either by sending them back to the greyhound farm for a few months or, if that is not possible, kept away from the other greyhounds in the kennel. That being said, most racing kennels give their racing females a small dose of male hormones, bi-weekly or monthly, to ensure that the female does not come in season while they are racing. While the “season” generally only lasts about 20 days or so,  the greyhound’s performance will drop off for up to three months, to such an extent, that they cannot compete during that time. With the profit margin being slim, the kennel cannot afford to have a lot of racers on the shelf for significant amounts of time. The practice of giving this small dose of male hormones has proven to do no harm to the female, and her cycle will almost always return to normal 6 months to a year after their racing career is over. The major majority of kennel owners and trainers are in the greyhound business because of their love for the animals,  not because they are going to get rich and would not think of doing anything that would cause any harm to the greyhounds in their care.

There are a  few kennels, who breed and race their own greyhounds, that allow their female racers to come into season and just send them back to the breeding farm until the cycle is over, or will breed them at that time. These breeders are more focused on breeding than racing, and have an abundance of racers to take up the slack.

Thanks for the question, David!

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One thought on “This Week With The Professor: Female Racers

  1. My next question is regards to extreme amateur betting. I found a very exciting race to wager one. The long shots to me seemed to be perfectly boxed while the favorites appeared to be in a more difficult situation. This is exactly what a smart bettor looks for. I went deep with my dollars and was confident on a nice return. Yes, sure enough my long shots ran one two three while the two favorites were off the board. Then the slap in the face. The price of my trifecta was only about $50. The numbers that came in were 1-2-8. That combination probably comes in more than any others. I assumed that the amateurs had simply pounded that combination and it was over-bet. When handicapping should I probably avoid races where my top picks are in statistically better posts, regardless of the tote board odds. Or was I making a good wagering choice and just had the bad luck of someone blindly making a $20 trifecta box?


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