Blog Spotlight: Derby Lane’s Mutt Derby & Palm Beach’s Forever Greyhounds Fundraiser

The Mutt Derby returned to Derby Lane last weekend on February 19, 2017, an event ran entirely by volunteers that had not taken place in 20 years. Derby Lane was excited to have pups from all sorts of breeds attend the track for a chance to show off their racing skills. The only exception: greyhounds were not able to participate, in order to keep it fair for the other pups.

Look at the joy on the pups’ faces as they race in the Mutt Derby! Photo by Mike Esser.

The dogs ran on the track and were placed in racing groups based on their weight. The pups were let go at the same time to race towards their team members on the other end. The Mutt Derby was quite successful, with many dogs showing up and Derby Lane hinting at its return next year.

One of the things that made the Mutt Derby so greyt was that all proceeds from the event went to Greyhound Pets of America; a nonprofit greyhound adoption organization. Derby Lane announced that they were able to raise $11,000 from the event for Greyhound Pets of America. Derby Lane works closely with the Tampa Bay location, where many of their retired greyhounds go to be placed into their forever home. If you were not able to attend the Mutt Derby, but would like to support Greyhound Pets of America, you can purchase a souvenir Mutt Derby t-shirt, available through March 5th of this year. Proceeds from the shirt benefit Greyhound Pets of America as well. You can also view their website to make a donation or get involved with the organization.

The dogs greeted excited team members at the “finish line.” Photo by Mike Esser.

We loved getting updates and viewing the footage of Derby Lane’s Mutt Derby. We can’t wait to see it in action again next year!

Also on the 19th of this month, Palm Beach hosted their fourth annual fundraiser “Out of the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary,” a comedy event full of laughter. All proceeds from the event went to Forever Greyhounds, a nonprofit greyhound adoption organization that matches retired racers for homes in the US and Canada.

We are so proud of the greyhound racing community and its efforts to help support the wonderful greyhound athletes after their racing career. Greyhound adoption organizations for retired racers not only do so much in helping greyhounds transition to home life, but they bring joy to the families who are connected with these fabulous, and often times, quirky pups. If you have a greyhound adoption organization near you, check them out and see how you can help and get involved.

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