Blog Spotlight: The Professor

You know him as The Professor. He provides you with picks for his daily Pick of The Day race, as well as Handicapping Tips in his bi-weekly blog posts, This Week with The Professor. If you listen to our Catch the Action podcast, then you’ve heard The Professor go over his selected picks for certain races of the day, but who is the man behind The Professor? Well, let’s take a look!

The Professor, known to most as Steve, was born in Longview, Washington, and was raised in Portland, Oregon. Steve became involved in greyhound racing as a teenager, going to the track with his mom and brother-in-law to buy programs and pick dogs. It didn’t take long for Steve to realize that he had a knack for picking winners and when he reached 21, just out of college, he started betting for a living and placed in thoroughbred contests as well, taking 3rd and 5th at national handicapping contests in Las Vegas. With each win, Steve was able to collect money to help him launch an exciting career.

“I made enough money to buy a couple of dogs and then my brother and I started working for kennels.”

But Steve set his sights high, and with his winnings, he bought a farm in Estacada, Oregon, with his brother and started raising greyhounds.

“We had made connections with dog owners and were able to lease enough dogs to get a contract with MKC [Multnomah Kennel Club] and then, eventually, received contracts to run at Colorado Springs in the Fall and Miami Beach, then Sanford Orlando in the Winter.”

Steve and his brother were becoming quite successful in the greyhound racing industry. Before you knew it, they had earned the leading kennel and sire at Multnomah Kennel Club (MKC) for a few years. It wasn’t too long before they had two kennels running at MKC. They ran their kennels for about 10 years before deciding to disband, but Steve continued to work in the industry.

“I continued to bet at Portland and would go out and train for other kennels during the fall and winter.”

Then, in 1990, Steve was hired as a track judge at the new Corpus Christi greyhound track in Texas. Steve was there for about a year before going back to his roots of betting on the greyhounds. Steve was a professional handicapper till 2000, where his story begins with us.

“I became a bit burned out on gambling in 2000 and was hired here, where I have been ever since.”

At Greyhound Channel, Steve runs our Track of the Week Handicapping Contest and is a wealth of information on greyhound and horse racing for the staff. As we mentioned before, he writes for our blog bi-weekly, typically answering handicapping questions submitted by customers. He also swings by the studio with his greyhound picks for the day on our Catch the Action podcast.

Many of us, here at Greyhound Channel, didn’t know much about Steve’s greyhound racing history, knowing only a few tidbits here and there. He is modest and doesn’t like to go on about himself so we appreciate him chatting with us, allowing you to get to know him better. If you’d like to learn more from Steve, don’t forget to check out his This Week with The Professor blog posts and listen to him on our Catch the Action podcast.

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