Blog Spotlight: Winner (By Bonus Bandit)


Woof! Hey guys, it’s me again! That’s right, your good ol’ pal, Bandit! Greyhound Channel mentioned that they were doing a special article on my new, adopted brother, Winner. Being his bro and all, I figured, “Who knows him more than me?” so I convinced Greyhound Channel to let me take the lead on the leash again and do the honors of writing about one of my favorite pups! Look at this lug, isn’t he cute?

Winner dressed up for Halloween.

Alright, so a little about Winner. Let’s start with before he found his way to my home. Winner raced by the name TF Winner and is a son from Rythmless and KB’s Shady Lady. He was your typical greyhound racer – Nothing amazing (I can say that because I’m his brother), but not terrible either. Winner started out at Ebro in July of 2013 before heading to Gulf in October of 2013, where he spent most of his racing career. With the closure of Gulf Greyhound Park at the end of 2015, Winner ran a couple races at Caliente before taking on retirement life. This is where it gets exciting! My tail starts wagging just thinking about it!

Winner squirrel watching.

Through Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest (GPA Northwest), Winner kicked off retirement life and his quest to find his forever home. GPA Northwest does this really cool thing where their pups are fostered with families so that they can understand each hound’s personality. As the saying goes, every dog has its day and that day had arrived for Winner. My family had decided to foster and Winner ended up at our home! I adore my new brother and all, but I won’t lie, it wasn’t all sunshine, roses, and puppy dog tails at first. In the beginning, naturally, I was a little jealous… OK, a lot jealous! I mean, here was this cool, new pup with a cool racing history (unlike me) and he was getting all this attention. Inc didn’t help either. Always loving everyone, he was instantly buddies with Winner so I may have felt a little left out.

Winner and Inc, two peas in a pod!

As the days passed, though, I too began to see how special Winner was. Next thing I knew, he had raced his way into my heart and was there to stay. I mean, what’s not to like? Winner is a super sweet, all-around great pup, who also happens to put up with my crazy antics. Once I realized this, I knew I had to find a way for him to stay. No way was he leaving me and Inc. We were the three amigos now! Woof! Well, turns out my whole family felt the same way because I received the BEST Holiday gift on December 5th. Winner was officially added to the family!

Winner, me, and Inc – The Three Amigos.

It’s all history from there. Winner hasn’t been in our family very long, but boy do we have fun! We enjoy racing each other in the back yard and Inc and Winner love to stare down squirrels. Sometimes I think those squirrels end up in our tree just to torture those two. Boy, it gets me howling just thinking about it. Anyway, I’m so glad that I was able to bark at you guys again and I hope you enjoyed learning more about my brother, Winner. Till next time!


Bandit – Woof!



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