2016: A Year In Review

As we look ahead to 2017, we also look back at memorable moments from 2016. Let’s take a journey through those greyt moments in greyhound racing and at Greyhound Channel as we reflect on 2016.


We kicked off 2016, here at Greyhound Channel, with our Contest of Champions. This was a special handicapping contest, revolving around our Track of the Week, that included all the “champions” of our handicapping contest from 2015. Mark P. won crowning him as our handicapping champion for 2015.


The All-America Team for 2015 was announced early in the year. Husker Magic of Abernathy Kennel was made captain of the following members: Flying Fired up (Lester Raines Kennel), Need My Moneynow (Sharon Williams), B’s Headliner (Everett Kennel), Seldom Told (Sharon Williams), Boc’s Hank Jr. (Boeckenstedt Kennel), Highlyclassified (John Farmer Kennel), and Storm Control (B & B Racing).


Husker Magic and Highlyclassified were awarded the 2015 Rural Rube and Flashy Sir awards.


The National Greyhound Association (NGA) Spring Meet took place in April. We sponsored one of the stakes races and Donald R. Ryan was awarded the NGA 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award.


We started our bi-weekly Catch the Action Podcast at the end of April and recently recorded our eighteenth episode. Our Podcast covers everything from greyhound racing and special horse racing events to Greyhound Channel promotions. You can find future podcast episodes here.


In May, we saw Derby Lane’s Darling Diva hit her 100th career win and said goodbye to the blonde bombshell when she retired on June 22nd. Husker Magic finished her racing career with 105 wins out of 167 starts.


Gary Guccione retired from the NGA after 45 wonderful years.


We watched in awe as the 2016 Summer Olympics took place in August. We also had fun with the creativity of the #GreyhoundOlympics, with notable events in Synchronized Snoozing, Roaching, and Squirrel Watching.


The Women of Greyhound Racing held their yearly fall auction in support of breast cancer awareness. This year’s proceeds of $12,000 were donated to the Lee Ann Foundation in Wheeling, West Virginia.


October 1st held Southland Greyhound Park’s $1.2 million Festival of Stakes consisting of nine stakes in one day. Members of Greyhound Channel visited for the day to hand out merchandise, live tweet the whole event, and get in on the greyhound racing action. We gave away tickets to the event and were joined by two of our customers, David L. and Eddie B. Craigie Hey You won the Crittenden Super Sprint, Bar Gin won the Arkansas Bred Juvenile, Super C Redman won our sponsored race: the Barry Baldwin Juvenile, Oaks Maddy won the Arkansas Bred Sprint, Oshkosh Kid won the Ness Sechrest Middle Distance, VJ Hit The Board won the Ansel Styles Jr. Marathon, PJ Fully Loaded won the Glen Fenter Super Marathon, Flying Bosnian won the Darby Henry Female Sprint, and Boc’s Doubleshot won the Darby Henry Male Sprint.


The NGA Fall Meet took place in October. We sponsored one of the races and participated in the raffle for the NGA Pup Giveaway. Howard Korman of Jacksonville, FL won the pup donated by Bob Hardison and Dennis Mleynek. Jan Vasquez of Buffalo, New York won the pup donated by David and Brenda Petzold. Winner of the third pup, donated by Monte Jacobs, was Ronald Crispino of Delray Beach, FL.


Valley Race Park began a new racing season in November for the 2016/2017 season, after the track had only two limited live meets in 2011 and 2013 during the last seven years. It was also announced that racing would return at Gulf Greyhound Park for the 2017/2018 season and Gulf Coast Racing would have greyhound racing for the 2018/2019 season.


Rounding out the year, we added a special new member to our Greyhound Channel family, Winner. He has fit right in and we have all enjoyed getting to know his personality. Bandit and Inc are over the moon to have another brother to race around the yard with.

2016 was an eventful year, full of moments that we were happy to share with you. We would like to thank all of our wonderful readers and customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love. We hope you have a wonderful 2017.

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