Blog Spotlight: Valley Race Park

Thanksgiving kickstarted the Holiday season with good food, shopping, and lots of greyhound racing. Among the racing excitement, we saw two Thanksgiving stakes at Derby Lane and bestbet, the championship race of the WVGOBA Sprint at Wheeling Island, and round one of the Naples Ft. Meyers’ New Sensations Puppy Classic. But, possibly, the most exciting greyhound racing event Thanksgiving weekend was the return of live racing at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, Texas. Friday, November 25th, started the 2016/2017 season at Valley Race Park.

During the last seven years, Valley Race Park ran two limited live meets in 2011 and 2013. Besides those two meets, Valley Race park ran on simulcast racing and special events. In April of this year, it was announced that Valley Race Park would return again with live greyhound racing. Their 2016/2017 season will run through February 4th, 2017. Live greyhound racing, at Valley Race Park, currently takes place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each week, with Wednesday being added into the mix, beginning December 28th, for four days of live greyhound racing. That totals to 36 race dates, each beginning at 8 PM EST.


With a little over a week into their season, there has been an exciting buzz around Valley Race Park here at Greyhound Channel. With live greyhound racing ending at Gulf Greyhound Park in La Marque, Texas, last year, it is nice to have greyhound racing back in Texas. When the season ends, it is unclear as to when we will see greyhound racing at Valley Race Park again, but live racing will continue in Texas as Gulf Greyhound Park will pickup greyhound racing for the 2017/2018 season.

In a time when greyhound racing rarely returns to a track once it has left, it is greyt to see Texas bringing the sport back to these fantastic tracks. We look forward to enjoying the rest of the greyhound racing season at Valley Race Park, as well as the return of live greyhound racing at Gulf Greyhound Park next year.

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