Blog Spotlight: Penny Wick

In a previous blog article, we interviewed Penny Wick, of The Women of Greyhound Racing, to learn more about the wonderful organization and their fall auction. Proceeds consisted of $12,000 this year and went to the Lee Ann Foundation in Wheeling, West Virginia. Penny also brought home four greyhounds for adoption from Nationals. We asked Penny about her start and involvement in the greyhound racing industry. She provided us with greyt information that we are excited to pass on to you.

“We sponsored a main stake at Nationals and it was won by the fastest female of the meet! That was very special. PJ Hunt You Down, owned by Victor Jay Range or Paul P. Bitterman, sold in the auction to Tom Ferris for $41,000”

In 1991, my husband and I went to the Wisconsin Dells Greyhound Track. Racing had come to Wisconsin and we started hearing negative comments about the care of the dogs. I wanted to see for myself, and having spent most of my life on my grandparents’ and uncle’s farms, I felt I knew something about animal care. I saw happy, muscular dogs and was very impressed with these athletes. We then made the mistake of going to the adoption kennel. We immediately fell in love and adopted our first greyhound a week later.

Penny’s present foster dog, who she raised for 6 months of his life, SE Tali Cimarron. “His brother is SE Tali Sundance, present track record holder at NGA National track. Cim broke a hock at Derby Lane last April and is hoping for a forever home soon.”

That summer, at a golf outing, we met the owner of “racing” greyhounds. He said we had to go to Nationals if we wanted to learn about the industry. So, off we went. He gave me Gary Guccione’s books “Great Names” and some Greyhound Reviews and I read the whole 10 hours to Abilene, Kansas.

This picture is of Tali Venus, out of Red Ranger and Tali Seela, doing a Meet and Greet and resting. She was pre-adopted as a baby and Penny raised her.

The brood auction was a turning point. That’s what I knew I could do. I saved to buy a brood and we kept going to Nationals every Spring and Fall. In October of 1995, I bought Oshkosh Bet. She came in season in December and we drove in a blizzard to get her to Oklahoma to be bred. Our first litter of 10 came in March and the rest is history.

Penny’s first litter of pups in 1996, out of Chrisse’s Twelve and Oshkosh Bet. “10 little beauties that started us on this greyhound adventure.”

I fully understand the risks in raising animals and never wanted to be in the business full time. One litter a year is all I’ve done and, in recent years, have partnered and raised pups only through the summer months. I’m too old for winter work in Wisconsin any more! That’s the industry side. I have been an adoption volunteer since our first litter started retiring. I feel good knowing where most of my dogs have gone in retirement.

A litter Penny raised that was whelped in 1998. They were out of Wigwam Wag and Free Horsdoeurve. “I got lucky; they all looked at the right time.”


We would like to thank Penny Wick for speaking with us and providing such wonderful information on her involvement in the greyhound racing industry. 

One of our main goals is to promote the greyhound industry. Do you work in the greyhound racing industry or know someone who does? Would you be interested in being featured in our blog or podcast? Contact us at

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