Blog Spotlight: Bob Hardison

The NGA held their Fall Meet on Wednesday, October 12th, which featured their NGA Pup Giveaway. The Giveaway consisted of three greyhounds with the proceeds from the raffle going towards the Hall of Fame. We looked at each pup in our blog post last week. This week, we hear from Bob Hardison, owner of Pup #1 (a male out of SH Avatar and DK’s Send All). The following are questions we asked Bob regarding greyhound racing and the NGA Pup Giveaway.

How did you get your start in the greyhound industry?

I first got interested in greyhound racing many years ago, going to Sodrac Park in North Sioux City, South Dakota. I loved to go watch them race and bet on them. After getting married, my wife and I moved to Ames, Iowa as she had a year of college to finish. I was managing a restaurant in Story City and met a guy who raised greyhounds. I started going to his place after work and helping work with his dogs. Eventually, I leased a female from him and my brother and I raised our first litter. Over many years it became my full time business and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

What does a typical day look like on the farm?

A typical day on the farm starts with feeding all the dogs and providing fresh water. Pups need to be played with so they get attention each day to socialize them. Wormings, vaccinations, and other preventative care must be done on schedule. The dogs have 300-600 feet long pens to get plenty of running and playing. Some pens we rototill and some we have grass so lots of mowing.

What made you want to get involved with the NGA Pup Giveaway?

Gary Guccione of the National Greyhound Association asked if I would be willing to donate a pup and I was happy to do it. I gave him a couple litters to choose from and he liked this breeding. There were 5 males and 1 female so we offered one of the males.

Pictured: Mikayla Miller and Hardison granddaughter Camryn Glass with the first pup. Photo provided by the NGA.

Has he been sent for race training? What distance do you see him competing in?

I just took the litter to Oklahoma to start training. The new owner will be able to leave it there or move elsewhere if they choose to. Their mother won grade A 5/16 at Bluffs Run and is from a very productive bloodline. Their dad is SH Avatar, who was a two-time All American and is off to a great start at stud. His pups are winning top grade sprints and distance races so hard to say what race these guys will like best.

We look forward to seeing Bob Hardison’s pup, won by Howard Korman, racing. Will he take to sprinting or distance? Will he become a racing star like his father, SH Avatar? We will keep an eye on this pup and try to keep you updated as he progresses towards his racing career. Congratulations to Howard on winning such a great hound!

We would like to thank Bob Hardison for taking the time to speak with us. One of our main goals is to promote the greyhound industry. Do you work in the greyhound racing industry or know someone who does? Would you be interested in being featured in our blog or podcast? Contact us at

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