This Week with The Professor: Early Speed Vs. Late Speed?

This week, we check in with The Professor for tips on playing early speed and late speed hounds.

Today, we will discuss the merits of playing early speed greyhounds versus late speed greyhounds. My theory on this is always key early speed and always use late speed. The reasoning behind this is simple: do I want my key dog to race trouble free, or have to negotiate through the pack to win?


To illustrate this, just look at the charts of any previous day’s races. You will notice that the greyhound who leads after the first turn makes the quinella 75% of the time, at least. Of course, there are exceptions; maybe a late speed dog is at big odds and has a good chance to benefit on the turn. In that case, the reward may be worth the risk.

The trick is finding the fastest dog to the turn in a race, and that can only be done by watching the dogs consistently and comparing their performance against the competition and each other. The strategy of consistently keying late speed hounds is risky business and may not lead to financial success.

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