Blog Spotlight: The Women of Greyhound Racing

The Women of Greyhound Racing was established in October of 2013 by Leslie Csokasy. Leslie, who is one of the board members for the National Greyhound Association (NGA), wanted to create this organization as a way to celebrate and promote the women involved in the greyhound industry. This year, Penny Wick, who has been involved with the Women of Greyhound Racing since its start, stepped in to help Leslie manage the group. Speaking with Penny, we realized that one of the greyt things that makes this organization so wonderful is that it also supports the community.

Each October, the Women of Greyhound Racing honor those who have battled breast cancer by raising funds to donate to a non-profit charity. This will be their fourth year raising money for breast cancer charities through auctions and sales of merchandise. One of the merchandise items each year is a t-shirt. This year’s shirt features Husker Magic, who they found to have a “fiery spirit and strong determination to battle and win.” If you’ve seen Husker Magic race, you can certainly see those qualities in her. Husker Magic’s racing resumé is extremely impressive, winning 3 stakes races and being named 2015 Rural Rube recipient and captain of the 2015 AGTOA All-America Team. She also retired with 105 career wins, the first Derby Lane greyhound to do so. If you are interested in purchasing this year’s shirt, visit Southern Cody Designs; all proceeds go towards charity.

The 2016 Women of Greyhound Racing t-shirt, featuring Husker Magic.

The Women of Greyhound Racing also have an auction that takes place today, September 17th, and tomorrow, September 18th. We encourage you to check out their auction page on Facebook to get something for yourself while helping a wonderful cause. They have quite the variety of items available and, once again, the proceeds will go to charity for breast cancer awareness.

Greyhound bucket bag donated by Greyhound Channel as one of the items included in the Women of Greyhound Racing’s auction.

While a charity has not yet been chosen for this year’s fundraisers, Penny said that they are focusing on finding a charity in West Virginia. “That state has been hard hit by floods and other hardships so [we thought] possibly those charities could use some help.” She will be following up with local kennels and farmers in West Virginia to determine a charity they will donate their fundraiser proceeds to.

Penny has been involved in the greyhound industry, owning greyhound athletes and adopting retired racers, for a little over 20 years now. She finds that the Women of Greyhound Racing “demonstrates to the public that greyhound people are real, everyday people whose job is animal care [and] who support charities just as other folks in different occupations do.” We appreciate all that the Women of Greyhound Racing does, celebrating the ladies involved in the greyhound industry and helping the community. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.


If you would like to make a donation to this greyt organization, please make checks payable to the NGA and send to:

Women of Greyhound Racing
℅ Penny Wick  
4593 Kennedy Rd.
Cottage Grove, WI 53527



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