This Week with The Professor: The One Post


This week The Professor warns us on the draw back’s of betting the “one post”.

“The Professor”

Handicapping Tips

The One Post


In some bettor’s eyes the #1 post position is always a positive for the greyhound that draws it, but this is not always the case. This post can be helpful to speed hounds or rail running late speed dogs, but can also be a drawback for others. Some greyhounds are intimidated by being pinned to the rail early and don’t rush as well from that post. Others may prefer to rush wide and try and work their way outside before getting going. The #1 post is always going to be over bet, so use this to your advantage. If you have discovered a dog that does not care for this post and will be bet heavily, try and beat that greyhound by betting others that you prefer. If the dog beats you, take comfort in the fact that the payout will be low and even if you had bet that dog, the profit would have been negligible.


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