Get In The Money with the Festival of Stakes!

Tomorrow, September 3rd, kicks off the much anticipated Festival of Stakes at Southland Greyhound Park. This year’s stakes is especially exciting because of the increased purse of $1.2 million. The Festival of Stakes consists of nine stakes, each of which have multiple rounds leading up to the Final on Saturday, October 1st. The nine stakes include the $100,000 Barry Baldwin Juvenile Division, $150,000 Darby Henry Male Sprint Division, $150,000 Darby Henry Female Sprint Division, $100,000 Ness Sechrest Middle Distance Division, $100,000 Ansel Styles Marathon Division, $100,000 Glen Fenter Super Marathon Division, $100,000 Arkansas Bred Sprint Division, $100,000 Arkansas Bred Juvenile Division, and $100,000 Crittenden Super Sprint Division. Each of the stakes will also have a consolation race, totaling 18 races on October 1st.

We are thrilled to announce that Greyhound Channel will be sponsoring one of the stakes races. Two Greyhound Channel team members, Alicia and Ryan, will be at Southland for the Festival of Stakes Final. They are excited to greet fellow handicappers and have fun. Alicia and Ryan will be snapping photos and live tweeting the event. If you’re attending the Final on October 1st, track them down; they’d love to chat with you and hand out merchandise.


We’re very excited about the Festival of Stakes and wanted to expand upon that excitement by following the month long event with our In The Money contest. Because of your feedback, we have made this In The Money round bigger and better than the last one! The jackpot has increased to $1,500 and we have increased the number of winners to the top nine participants. The prizes will be split into the following:

  • First Place – $500
  • Second Place – $250
  • Third Place – $200
  • Fourth Place – $175
  • Fifth Place – $150
  • Sixth Place – $100
  • Seventh Place – $75
  • Eighth Place – $50
  • Ninth Place – Choice of a Greyhound Channel t-shirt or hat.

All In The Money participants will receive 1,000 contest points just for playing, which are redeemable for Greyhound Channel merchandise and wagering credits at our contest site. In response to your requests, you will now have the option to enter your picks separately before each stakes race takes off or you can submit your picks all at once. We hope this will allow more people to play based on their preferred betting style. Something else to keep in mind going forward with our In The Money contest: you will need to make sure you are logged in to our contest site when you make your selections. This will make it easier for us to keep track of your picks and make sure you get the correct points earned.

It’s a clean slate for our In The Money contest that, with increased prizes, you won’t want to miss out on! Make sure to get your picks in at our contest site and place your accompanying $2 WPS bets before the start of each Glen Fenter Super Marathon qualifying race. Those stakes races are 8, 10, 17, and 18 of the evening card, with race 1 kicking off at 8:30 PM EST. Get in the action and have fun!

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