This Week with The Professor: Early Speed Vs. Late Speed?

This week, we check in with The Professor for tips on playing early speed and late speed hounds.

Today, we will discuss the merits of playing early speed greyhounds versus late speed greyhounds. My theory on this is always key early speed and always use late speed. The reasoning behind this is simple: do I want my key dog to race trouble free, or have to negotiate through the pack to win?


To illustrate this, just look at the charts of any previous day’s races. You will notice that the greyhound who leads after the first turn makes the quinella 75% of the time, at least. Of course, there are exceptions; maybe a late speed dog is at big odds and has a good chance to benefit on the turn. In that case, the reward may be worth the risk.

The trick is finding the fastest dog to the turn in a race, and that can only be done by watching the dogs consistently and comparing their performance against the competition and each other. The strategy of consistently keying late speed hounds is risky business and may not lead to financial success.

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Blog Spotlight: The Women of Greyhound Racing

The Women of Greyhound Racing was established in October of 2013 by Leslie Csokasy. Leslie, who is one of the board members for the National Greyhound Association (NGA), wanted to create this organization as a way to celebrate and promote the women involved in the greyhound industry. This year, Penny Wick, who has been involved with the Women of Greyhound Racing since its start, stepped in to help Leslie manage the group. Speaking with Penny, we realized that one of the greyt things that makes this organization so wonderful is that it also supports the community.

Each October, the Women of Greyhound Racing honor those who have battled breast cancer by raising funds to donate to a non-profit charity. This will be their fourth year raising money for breast cancer charities through auctions and sales of merchandise. One of the merchandise items each year is a t-shirt. This year’s shirt features Husker Magic, who they found to have a “fiery spirit and strong determination to battle and win.” If you’ve seen Husker Magic race, you can certainly see those qualities in her. Husker Magic’s racing resumé is extremely impressive, winning 3 stakes races and being named 2015 Rural Rube recipient and captain of the 2015 AGTOA All-America Team. She also retired with 105 career wins, the first Derby Lane greyhound to do so. If you are interested in purchasing this year’s shirt, visit Southern Cody Designs; all proceeds go towards charity.

The 2016 Women of Greyhound Racing t-shirt, featuring Husker Magic.

The Women of Greyhound Racing also have an auction that takes place today, September 17th, and tomorrow, September 18th. We encourage you to check out their auction page on Facebook to get something for yourself while helping a wonderful cause. They have quite the variety of items available and, once again, the proceeds will go to charity for breast cancer awareness.

Greyhound bucket bag donated by Greyhound Channel as one of the items included in the Women of Greyhound Racing’s auction.

While a charity has not yet been chosen for this year’s fundraisers, Penny said that they are focusing on finding a charity in West Virginia. “That state has been hard hit by floods and other hardships so [we thought] possibly those charities could use some help.” She will be following up with local kennels and farmers in West Virginia to determine a charity they will donate their fundraiser proceeds to.

Penny has been involved in the greyhound industry, owning greyhound athletes and adopting retired racers, for a little over 20 years now. She finds that the Women of Greyhound Racing “demonstrates to the public that greyhound people are real, everyday people whose job is animal care [and] who support charities just as other folks in different occupations do.” We appreciate all that the Women of Greyhound Racing does, celebrating the ladies involved in the greyhound industry and helping the community. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.


If you would like to make a donation to this greyt organization, please make checks payable to the NGA and send to:

Women of Greyhound Racing
℅ Penny Wick  
4593 Kennedy Rd.
Cottage Grove, WI 53527



Blog Spotlight: Husker Magic Fall Sprint


Today kicks off round one of Derby Lane’s Husker Magic Fall Sprint, named in honor of the blonde bombshell herself, Husker Magic.

Photo provided by Derby Lane

As many of you know, Husker Magic retired on June 22nd of this year at the top of her game, with 105 career wins out of 167 starts. This helped put Derby Lane’s Darling Diva as 33rd on the All-Time wins list and marked her as the first greyhound at Derby Lane to hit the 100 win mark. Husker Magic has quite the impressive resumé, including 2015 Rural Rube award recipient, captain of the 2015 AGTOA All-America Team, winner of the 2015 Daytona 550, 2015 Derby Lane Sprint Classic, and 2016 T.L. Weaver Memorial in June. She took second in the 2016 Daytona 550, 2014 Gold Trophy Juvenile, 2015 Inaugural, and 2015 T.L. Weaver Memorial.


Photo provided by Derby Lane

On August 27th, Derby Lane’s Darling Diva was honored with a final farewell lap around the track before heading off for retirement. Husker Magic’s legacy will live on at the track as Derby Lane renamed their Fall Sprint stakes to include her name. We’re looking forward to the Husker Magic Fall Sprint and have included notable hounds, in the following, that we think you should keep an eye on in throughout the stakes:

Race 4: #1, Kentucky Kat, took the title for the 2016 T.L. Weaver Memorial in August. She has early speed that propels her to the front to help her take the win. We’ll see if she can add another stakes title to her resumé.

Race 6: #3, PJ Mcnasty, has ran well lately, finishing in the money for his last 6 outs. He has a nice kick that helps him hone in for the win.

Race 6: #4, SE’s Pinisher, is a fast rising pup who looks ready to test his ability against top stakes runners.

Race 8: #2, TR’s Flapjack, has nice early speed, but he sometimes has trouble with fading in the final stretch; still one to keep an eye on.

Race 10: #2, Lego Andrew, will be going for another stakes title to accompany his 2016 Sprint Classic win. His late kick makes him a dangerous contender.

Race 10: #8, Flying Dynomite, is notable with her consistent, excellent speed that should help carry her to the final.

Don’t miss the newly titled Husker Magic Fall Sprint in the evening card at Derby Lane today, September 10th, with race one’s post time at 7:30 PM EST!


This Week with The Professor: The One Post


This week The Professor warns us on the draw back’s of betting the “one post”.

“The Professor”

Handicapping Tips

The One Post


In some bettor’s eyes the #1 post position is always a positive for the greyhound that draws it, but this is not always the case. This post can be helpful to speed hounds or rail running late speed dogs, but can also be a drawback for others. Some greyhounds are intimidated by being pinned to the rail early and don’t rush as well from that post. Others may prefer to rush wide and try and work their way outside before getting going. The #1 post is always going to be over bet, so use this to your advantage. If you have discovered a dog that does not care for this post and will be bet heavily, try and beat that greyhound by betting others that you prefer. If the dog beats you, take comfort in the fact that the payout will be low and even if you had bet that dog, the profit would have been negligible.


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Get In The Money with the Festival of Stakes!

Tomorrow, September 3rd, kicks off the much anticipated Festival of Stakes at Southland Greyhound Park. This year’s stakes is especially exciting because of the increased purse of $1.2 million. The Festival of Stakes consists of nine stakes, each of which have multiple rounds leading up to the Final on Saturday, October 1st. The nine stakes include the $100,000 Barry Baldwin Juvenile Division, $150,000 Darby Henry Male Sprint Division, $150,000 Darby Henry Female Sprint Division, $100,000 Ness Sechrest Middle Distance Division, $100,000 Ansel Styles Marathon Division, $100,000 Glen Fenter Super Marathon Division, $100,000 Arkansas Bred Sprint Division, $100,000 Arkansas Bred Juvenile Division, and $100,000 Crittenden Super Sprint Division. Each of the stakes will also have a consolation race, totaling 18 races on October 1st.

We are thrilled to announce that Greyhound Channel will be sponsoring one of the stakes races. Two Greyhound Channel team members, Alicia and Ryan, will be at Southland for the Festival of Stakes Final. They are excited to greet fellow handicappers and have fun. Alicia and Ryan will be snapping photos and live tweeting the event. If you’re attending the Final on October 1st, track them down; they’d love to chat with you and hand out merchandise.


We’re very excited about the Festival of Stakes and wanted to expand upon that excitement by following the month long event with our In The Money contest. Because of your feedback, we have made this In The Money round bigger and better than the last one! The jackpot has increased to $1,500 and we have increased the number of winners to the top nine participants. The prizes will be split into the following:

  • First Place – $500
  • Second Place – $250
  • Third Place – $200
  • Fourth Place – $175
  • Fifth Place – $150
  • Sixth Place – $100
  • Seventh Place – $75
  • Eighth Place – $50
  • Ninth Place – Choice of a Greyhound Channel t-shirt or hat.

All In The Money participants will receive 1,000 contest points just for playing, which are redeemable for Greyhound Channel merchandise and wagering credits at our contest site. In response to your requests, you will now have the option to enter your picks separately before each stakes race takes off or you can submit your picks all at once. We hope this will allow more people to play based on their preferred betting style. Something else to keep in mind going forward with our In The Money contest: you will need to make sure you are logged in to our contest site when you make your selections. This will make it easier for us to keep track of your picks and make sure you get the correct points earned.

It’s a clean slate for our In The Money contest that, with increased prizes, you won’t want to miss out on! Make sure to get your picks in at our contest site and place your accompanying $2 WPS bets before the start of each Glen Fenter Super Marathon qualifying race. Those stakes races are 8, 10, 17, and 18 of the evening card, with race 1 kicking off at 8:30 PM EST. Get in the action and have fun!