Palm Beach Hot Dog Spotlight: GV Mooseisloose

All racing greyhounds are amazing athletes to watch, but there are those who truly stand out when running around the oval. GV Mooseisloose is one of those greyhounds. When you see him race, you can’t help but be impressed by his speed and determination to win.


GV Mooseisloose is a black male born out of Deerfield Mover and GV Jodys Toofast on July 28, 2014. He began his racing career at Derby Lane before moving to Palm Beach Kennel Club in May of this year. Since his arrival on the Palm Beach oval, GV Mooseisloose has consistently finished in the money. Running for James E. Douglas Kennel, he has won eight of his nine starts so far this season. Out of his 38 career starts, he has won 14, placed 6, and shown 4.

GV Mooseisloose races today, August 26th, in the 15th race of Palm Beach’s afternoon card, with a post time of 4:50 PM Eastern. Look for his early speed to propel him to the front, where he usually continues to push ahead for the win. It is exciting to watch GV Mooseisloose race; you won’t want to miss it! With the way this pup has been tearing up the track, you’ll want to keep your eyes on him. We look forward to seeing GV Mooseisloose on the track and expect to see exceptional racing from him.

Have you witnessed an exceptional current greyhound athlete? Share your “hot dog” star with us! If we feature your greyt athlete, we’ll post $2 in wagering credits to your Greyhound Channel account!

One thought on “Palm Beach Hot Dog Spotlight: GV Mooseisloose

  1. GV Mooseisloose won his race yesterday at Palm Beach Matinee Race 15 for 9 wins out of 10 starts this season! Check out the race on our Facebook (@TheGreyhoundChannel) and Twitter (@greyhoundchan) pages.


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