We have seen amazing talent in Rio with the 2016 Olympics. Most of us anticipate this exciting event and are inspired by the Olympic athletes. We are also, often times, inspired by our own pets. This has shined bright and true as a popular hashtag emerged during this Summer Olympics revolving around our favorite animals: greyhounds.

Through the #OlympicsForGreyhounds hashtag, you can see the fun and playful side of greyhounds. We’ve seen participants in Synchronised Snoozing, Synchronised Begging, Bin Raiding, and Roaching, to name a few. Naturally, we had to get involved and show off our two handsome fellas, Bandit and Inc. We have enjoyed getting involved with #OlympicsForGreyhounds on our Twitter and Facebook. While all participants have been excellent, Bandit and Inc have both won gold in our eyes!

A greyt aspect of the #OlympicsForGreyhounds hashtag is that it shows the fun, loving, and often quirky side of greyhounds. With many retired racers, and those who don’t make it to the track, looking for forever homes, hashtags like #OlympicsForGreyhounds help to spread the word of how wonderful of pets these pups can be. What better way than through humor and fun? Many people know the racing side of greyhounds, but opportunities like these help shine a light on home life with our furry friends.

Through #OlympicsForGreyhounds, we have connected with other greyhound pet lovers and adoption organizations. We have all come together, bringing our own creativity to the table to show others how greyt owning a greyhound can be. #OlympicsForGreyhounds has helped remind us that greyhounds have fun talents that extend past the race track. Check out the participants and events here on Twitter. You won’t regret it!

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