This Week with The Professor: Sanctuary Chalk



This week, The Professor shares his insights on why you should be wary of playing the favorites!


“The Professor”

Handicapping Tips

Sanctuary Chalk


The term “sanctuary chalk” refers to the tendency of some players to opt to play the favorites in a race, instead of taking the chance of playing a long shot or long shots. When handicapping a race, you may find that several greyhounds have an equal chance of winning. If that happens, do not be afraid to take the higher price greyhound or greyhounds when wagering. The object is to maximize your profit and you cannot do that by always playing the “chalk” or favorites. In thoroughbred racing, you may find that the horse you like is “cold” on the board, and not being played, a concern or a red flag. In greyhound racing there is no “inside” information and less human control. Thus, if your selection or selections are not being played, that is a good thing, as your profit will be maximized. So do not let high odds on your selections scare you into playing “sanctuary chalk”, bet the higher price hounds with confidence.


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