Palm Beach Hot Dog Spotlight: GV Mooseisloose

All racing greyhounds are amazing athletes to watch, but there are those who truly stand out when running around the oval. GV Mooseisloose is one of those greyhounds. When you see him race, you can’t help but be impressed by his speed and determination to win.


GV Mooseisloose is a black male born out of Deerfield Mover and GV Jodys Toofast on July 28, 2014. He began his racing career at Derby Lane before moving to Palm Beach Kennel Club in May of this year. Since his arrival on the Palm Beach oval, GV Mooseisloose has consistently finished in the money. Running for James E. Douglas Kennel, he has won eight of his nine starts so far this season. Out of his 38 career starts, he has won 14, placed 6, and shown 4.

GV Mooseisloose races today, August 26th, in the 15th race of Palm Beach’s afternoon card, with a post time of 4:50 PM Eastern. Look for his early speed to propel him to the front, where he usually continues to push ahead for the win. It is exciting to watch GV Mooseisloose race; you won’t want to miss it! With the way this pup has been tearing up the track, you’ll want to keep your eyes on him. We look forward to seeing GV Mooseisloose on the track and expect to see exceptional racing from him.

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This Week with The Professor: Money Management


This week, The Professor shares his tactics when in comes to managing your bankroll under “hot”  or  “cold” streaks.

“The Professor”

Handicapping Tips

Money Management – Hot streaks


The term “money management” can refer to many things in wagering. I am going to focus on how to manage your bankroll when going through a hot streak, or in the reverse, a cold period. Anyone who has ever gambled will tell you that hot streaks and cold streaks are very real things. Whether it is luck, or just being mentally sharper at certain times, I will leave to smarter people than me to decipher, but these streaks are a reality. My theory on how to manage these streaks are that when you are on a hot streak, increase the size of your wagers and when you are on a cold streak decrease the size of your wagers, or better yet, stop wagering for a few races, to get your mind right. Many people I know do just the opposite. They chase their losses when going poorly by increasing the size of their wagers and decrease their wagers when going well, in fear of losing what they have won. This practice is a sure way to bankruptcy. It is a hard tendency to overcome, but it is important to do it in order to maximize your winnings when hot, and minimize your losses when going cold.


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We have seen amazing talent in Rio with the 2016 Olympics. Most of us anticipate this exciting event and are inspired by the Olympic athletes. We are also, often times, inspired by our own pets. This has shined bright and true as a popular hashtag emerged during this Summer Olympics revolving around our favorite animals: greyhounds.

Through the #OlympicsForGreyhounds hashtag, you can see the fun and playful side of greyhounds. We’ve seen participants in Synchronised Snoozing, Synchronised Begging, Bin Raiding, and Roaching, to name a few. Naturally, we had to get involved and show off our two handsome fellas, Bandit and Inc. We have enjoyed getting involved with #OlympicsForGreyhounds on our Twitter and Facebook. While all participants have been excellent, Bandit and Inc have both won gold in our eyes!

A greyt aspect of the #OlympicsForGreyhounds hashtag is that it shows the fun, loving, and often quirky side of greyhounds. With many retired racers, and those who don’t make it to the track, looking for forever homes, hashtags like #OlympicsForGreyhounds help to spread the word of how wonderful of pets these pups can be. What better way than through humor and fun? Many people know the racing side of greyhounds, but opportunities like these help shine a light on home life with our furry friends.

Through #OlympicsForGreyhounds, we have connected with other greyhound pet lovers and adoption organizations. We have all come together, bringing our own creativity to the table to show others how greyt owning a greyhound can be. #OlympicsForGreyhounds has helped remind us that greyhounds have fun talents that extend past the race track. Check out the participants and events here on Twitter. You won’t regret it!

Wheeling Hot Dog Spotlight: Kinda Cruel Red

Kinda Cruel Red is a fawn male out of Bella Infrared and Cruel to Be Kind, racing for Jacobs Racing Kennel. Starting his racing career at Palm Beach Kennel Club, Kinda Cruel Red was a finalist in the 2016 Bob Balfe Puppy Stakes. While at Palm Beach, he also managed to take the second fastest time in the 545-yard distance with a time of 29.15.

In May of this year, Kinda Cruel Red moved to Wheeling Island where he currently races. He is on a winning streak right now, hitting his fifth win in a row as of Tuesday, August 9th. As if Kinda Cruel Red’s win streak wasn’t impressive enough, he has finished in the money 12 out of his 14 starts (14-7-4-1-0) at Wheeling. His speed typically propels him to the front early where he hangs on through the finish.

While Kinda Cruel Red hasn’t won any stakes races, he certainly proves that he is one of the best with his consistent fast paced finishes. He will be one of the pups we will be keeping an eye on in future races! Hoping to continue his win streak, Kinda Cruel Red will race this Sunday, August 14th, in race 12. We will be cheering him on for his sixth win in a row!

This Week with The Professor: Sanctuary Chalk



This week, The Professor shares his insights on why you should be wary of playing the favorites!


“The Professor”

Handicapping Tips

Sanctuary Chalk


The term “sanctuary chalk” refers to the tendency of some players to opt to play the favorites in a race, instead of taking the chance of playing a long shot or long shots. When handicapping a race, you may find that several greyhounds have an equal chance of winning. If that happens, do not be afraid to take the higher price greyhound or greyhounds when wagering. The object is to maximize your profit and you cannot do that by always playing the “chalk” or favorites. In thoroughbred racing, you may find that the horse you like is “cold” on the board, and not being played, a concern or a red flag. In greyhound racing there is no “inside” information and less human control. Thus, if your selection or selections are not being played, that is a good thing, as your profit will be maximized. So do not let high odds on your selections scare you into playing “sanctuary chalk”, bet the higher price hounds with confidence.


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Blog Spotlight: Pokemon Phenomenon!

Pokémon Go has generated a lot of excitement in the community so, this week, we decided to bring the Pokémon phenomenon to Greyhound Channel. From Sunday, July 31st, through Saturday, August 6th, we have offered additional ways for customers to earn contest points through our weekly and daily contests. Customers needed to add the promotional code BANDITGO to be eligible. Each Paydog Pick of the Day (PPOD) earned 500 contest points, and both the Fetch 5 and Cycle awarded 1,000 contest points each. That’s a total of 5,500 possible points. It’s a quick and easy way for you to cash in on Greyhound Channel merchandise and wagering credits.

Our Inc: “What? Do I have something on me?”

Not only have we, at Greyhound Channel, been enjoying Pokémon Go, but our Bonus Bandit has enjoyed long walks while playing the game. Adoption organizations have also benefited from the game by encouraging those who play Pokémon Go to walk pups in need of a home. This has helped organizations gain volunteers and has created more adoption opportunities.

Bonus Bandit hunting for Pokémon

If you would like to contribute another way, there is an excellent free app you can download for your phone while playing Pokémon Go with your pup: Walk for a Dog by Wooftrax. The app runs in the background so you can play Pokémon Go or let your phone “sleep” while you walk your dog. Each time you use the Wooftrax app to take your dog on a walk, a donation will be made to the animal shelter of your choice. Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest, who we recently focused on for a blog spotlight, is one of the many options you can choose from. Don’t have a pet to walk? That’s OK, too! Walk for a Dog by Wooftrax allows you to walk a virtual dog, Cassie, while you go on walks or jogs. You will still have the option of choosing an organization that will receive donations every time you use Walk for a Dog. Check out the app here.

Getting out and walking your pet can be a lot of fun, especially when you add an app on your phone that helps keep you motivated. We love that Pokémon Go has had some positive benefits for pups and have enjoyed incorporating the idea of Pokémon in our promotions. Go out for a walk with your furry friend and have some fun- we certainly have been!