Spotlight: Bonus Bandit and Inc!

You know him as the face of many of our promotions at Greyhound Channel and he even has his own Twitter account. In a way, he’s Greyhound Channel’s mascot. Who are we talking about? If you guessed Bonus Bandit, you would be correct! Bandit has quite the following of fans, but his number one fan is his brother, Inc. Today, we take you on a journey of Bandit and Inc’s backgrounds and provide a peek into their lives.


Our very own Bonus Bandit was born in 2011 as a white and red fawn with ticking. Like many greyhounds, Bandit was raised on a farm to prep for greyhound racing. It was determined, however, that Bandit was not an ideal candidate for a racing career. At one year, he was sent off for adoption through Portland, Oregon’s Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest (GPA Northwest). He stayed with a foster family till he was adopted by a member of Greyhound Channel who instantly fell in love with his unique personality and red shaped heart on his left side.


Bandit is often times described as a bit of a spaz, which explains why he wasn’t meant for the oval since a racing athlete needs to have a lot of focus. Despite his big personality, Bandit is also a sweetheart who loves spending time with his family and racing around the backyard like he is on the track. In the last 4 years since Bandit found his forever home, he has grown a huge amount in his confidence and loves being Greyhound Channel’s special Bonus Bandit.


If you follow Bandit’s Twitter account, you have probably seen his adopted brother, Inc! You may even recognize him as our Howl-O-Ween pup dressed up as a lion. Inc’s story is quite different from Bandit’s as he had a racing career before adoption. Born in July of 2009 out of Kiowa Mon Manny and Bella Ionic, Bella Incubus (Inc) was a natural on the track. He began racing at Southland where he did quite well. He also spent time racing at Victoryland and Mardi Gras. Inc’s racing resume includes taking 2nd in the 2012 Southland Middle Distance Championship, 3rd in the 2011 Victoryland World Greyhound Futurity, and racing in both the 2012 Southland Razorback Championship and Southland Middle Distance Championship.

Inc as the #6 racing at Southland Park.

Inc retired in 2013 to Abilene, Kansas where he spent time as a stud. He was adopted through GPA Northwest in 2015 in Portland, Oregon where he joined Bandit and his family. Inc is a gentle and loving soul who is more than happy to take cuddles from anyone. He loves squirrel watching and spending time with Bandit and their labrador sister, Sadie.


When Inc was brought home about a year ago, he adapted very quickly to his forever home. Bandit and Inc have become two peas in a pod as their personalities compliment one another nicely. While you can often find them racing each other around the backyard, they also love their squeaky chew toys and splitting a special treat every night.

We are awed by the greyhounds racing around the oval, but that awe doesn’t go away once those athletes retire. It continues as you watch them work their way into your heart at home. Bandit and Inc have certainly left paw prints on all of our hearts and we hope you enjoy their involvement with Greyhound Channel, too!


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