This Week with The Professor:Maiden Races

This week, The Professor goes over how to succeed when wagering on those inexperienced pups!

A lot of players that I know hate to wager on Maiden races, because of their unpredictability. I will give you a couple of things to look for when faced with a Maiden race, which may give you an edge.

Post position is very important in Maiden races. These hounds are inexperienced and tend to run erratically sometimes. By far the best post position is the #8 post. This allows the greyhound to avoid all of the mishaps that will occur early and be able to run their best race. The #1 post is ok, but can be a little fool’s gold, as they can become trapped on the rail if a dog dives in early.

Another thing to look for is experience. A little experience is good, but too many starts in Maiden may indicate that the dog lacks talent or the will to win. Be careful with first time starters, as this is a new experience for them to be put in a lockout kennel, waiting their turn to run. It may take them a couple of starts for them to become comfortable. This is not to say that a pup cannot win their first out, but just beware of going crazy for a first time starter.

In summation, look for a dog that is well positioned, has a little experience, has good form and is improving, not regressing.


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