Spotlight: Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest

Greyhounds are fabulous pups of speed, heart, and smarts. It takes the right people to work and care for these hounds. Once they are finished with their racing careers, most of these amazing athletes go on to become 45 mph couch potatoes. Adoption organizations fill in the gap between racing and pet life, pairing greyhounds with their forever homes. Portland, Oregon’s Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest (GPA Northwest) is one of many greyhound adoption agencies doing their part to provide retired racers with a family.


GPA Northwest is a non-profit organization, staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. Coming to fruition in the 1980’s, GPA Northwest is certainly one of the pioneers in greyhound adoption. Previously known as Greyhound Pets of America Northwest, GPA Northwest changed their name to better incorporate the true meaning of the organization: they provide adoption of greyhound pets in the Northwest.

A greyhound relaxing in their foster home.

One of the things that makes GPA Northwest unique is the fact that they are a foster-home adoption program, meaning most of the pups spend their time in foster homes before they are adopted. This allows the greyhounds to have the experience of living in a home to help ease the transition from kennel life to their forever home. This home experience also allows GPA Northwest a glimpse at each greyhound’s personality to help the pups find their perfect family match.


GPA Northwest recently transported some retired athletes after the closure of Tucson Greyhound Park. GPA Northwest had been working with Tucson for many years, moving retired greyhounds to their home base in Portland, Oregon to begin the adoption process. With two teams of volunteers, they transferred 38 pups from Tucson, Arizona the weekend of June 25th. Some of the 38 greyhounds were picked up by other adoption groups along the way back to Portland. GPA Northwest’s journey was full of excitement as they chronicled their trip from start to end through their Facebook page. Even through a set back, they were able to make their way back to Portland in just a few days.

Traveling crates were used to transfer the pups on the long trip.

A few of us at Greyhound Channel have adopted and fostered greyhounds from GPA Northwest. It’s easy to spotlight them because they are an organization that we have had the pleasure of getting to know and from what we’ve seen, they’re pretty greyt!

While we highlighted GPA Northwest today, there are many greyhound adoption programs providing love and care for these wonderful pups nationwide. Are you interested in adopting a greyhound? Is adoption not for you, but you’d like to get involved? Find an adoption program near you to adopt, volunteer, or donate at


We would like to thank Rebecca Nance, Nancy Hoffman, and all those with Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest for speaking with us and providing a look into their greyt organization. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors!

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