bestbet Hot Dog Spotlight: Need My Moneynow

It’s no question that greyhounds have amazing speed. As the second fastest land mammal (cheetah’s being the fastest) it is a joy to watch these racing athletes run around the oval. You can see the love of running and focus on each greyhound’s face. While all greyhounds are amazing to watch, there are those who are truly exceptional. We look at these greyhounds with awe as we witness their speed and determination to consistently win. Need My Moneynow is one of those exceptional greyhounds.


Need My Moneynow from DQ Williams Kennel, out of No More Loving and Need A Date, has been a well-known name in the greyhound racing industry for the last two years where he kicked off his racing career at Gulf Greyhound Park. Need My Moneynow instantly felt at home on the 550-yard oval where he has continued to show off his sprinting capabilities.

While at Gulf Greyhound Park, Need My Moneynow won the 2015 Gulf Diane Whiteley Memorial Sprint. He also earned the 550-yard track record of a blistering 29.35 seconds while almost always finishing in the money in each race. Need My Moneynow was Gulf Greyhound Park’s star and with their closure at the end of 2015, he needed a new home track to tear up.

The start of the year was a lot of excitement for Need My Moneynow as he prepared for the Daytona 550, where he would race against some of the best in greyhound racing. From the start of the race, Derby Lane’s Husker Magic and Need My Moneynow went straight to the front with Need My Moneynow on Husker Magic’s heels. At nearly the very end of the 550, Need My Moneynow pulled down deep to push ahead of Husker Magic, taking the win. It was an exceptional race with two excellent sprinters battling for first, but it was Need My Moneynow’s sprinting skills that helped him pull off the win. Shortly after, he was named a member of the 2015 All-America Team, consisting of the best greyhound athletes from 2015.

After Need My Moneynow secured the win for the Daytona 550, he headed down to bestbet Orange Park where he has settled in wonderfully. Since starting his racing career at Orange Park, Need My Moneynow has had an excellent season with 21 wins, 6 places, and 1 show in 32 starts and has come very close to breaking Orange Park’s 550-yard track record. He also added the 2016 March Mayhem title to his impressive resumè and was a finalist in the James J. Patton Silver Cup. Needless to say, Need My Moneynow has continued to tear up the track.

Need My Moneynow has a total of 116 career starts with 82 of those as wins and 14 as places. He is currently on a seven win streak, which comes as no surprise since one of his many winning streaks was a 14 win streak at Gulf Greyhound Park. If you’ve seen him race, you know how spectacular of an athlete he truly is. Need My Moneynow’s early speed shoots him to the front early where, most often than not, he holds on for the win. We look forward to watching this greyt athlete continue to race hard and well.


Need My Moneynow will be running tonight in race 10 of Orange Park’s evening card where we will be cheering him on for his eighth win in a row!

Have you witnessed an exceptional current greyhound athlete? Share your “hot dog” star with us! If we feature your #greyt athlete, we’ll post $2 in wagering credits to your Greyhound Channel account!

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