This Week with The Professor: A couple of Angles

This week, The Professor goes over a few angles and patterns he has noticed with his years of experience.

I am going to talk about of a couple of angle plays that I have found to be useful when betting on the hounds.

The first one is that I have found to be true more often than not is the beaten favorite angle. How many times have you thought a greyhound looked so good in a race and then they run a lousy race and left you scratching your head, only to run a monster the next out when they don’t figure as much?

I am betting a lot of times.


Why not turn that to your advantage, recognize that angle and play that dog back at bigger odds? The old expression is “be there for the wedding and not the funeral”, meaning bet when the dog wins and not when he loses. One reason could be that a trainer may notice the poor effort of the favorite and work on that dog for the next out.

The second angle is that a dog that runs two seconds in a row, will run out of the money in their next start. This may not be rooted in logic, but it does seem to hold true a lot. I have tried to find reasons for this to be happening, but have not been able to do so. These are a couple of angles that you may want to keep in mind when looking at a race.


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