This Week with The Professor: Distance Changes

This week, we check in with The Professor for some tips on how the distance of the race and the running style of the greyhound are related.

Today,  we will discuss how to handle greyhounds changing distances. When a greyhound is changing distances,  there are several possible reasons. They may be running short races and closing well, but not getting up in time. They may be breaking well, but not carrying their speed enough to clear the turn in a sprint. The reverse would be a greyhound that has been running longer races and getting tired, needs freshening,  or a new distance all together.

So what does all this mean?


First, let me say that it is a risky proposition to play a dog that has never run a distance race in their first start at that longer distance. Not necessarily because they cannot run longer, but because they are used to running around two turns and the added turn can cause confusion.

I would let them have a start and see how they do, then evaluate their chances as they tend to improve greatly that second start. This can be a great value play. In regard to distance hounds going back to shorter races, that is not usually a problem as all dogs start their career running shorter races.

What to look for is how much early speed they have in the shorter races (and previous efforts in the sprint races) to evaluate their chances in that shorter race. Be wary, though, as some trainers are just giving the dog a couple of races to maybe get downgraded and get a short rest without taking them off the track completely. Also, don’t be fooled by thinking that the distance greyhounds are going to show that kind of speed against sprinters, who are generally faster early.


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2 thoughts on “This Week with The Professor: Distance Changes

  1. I generally handicap by grade first, and I read somewhere that the higher the grade, the wider the ability gap between grades. For instance, according to this theory, it would be easier for a greyhound to move from D to C than from B to A. Do you agree with this theory, and if so, how does it affect your grade handicapping? Thanks!


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