This Week with The Professor: Running Time a Major Factor?


Seeing a pup’s race time on a program can give you a general idea of their performance. But is a greyhound’s running time a major handicapping factor? Here’s what The Professor has to say about it.

Generally, a greyhound’s running time is not a major handicapping factor. There are a few reasons that this is not a major, or even an important, factor when handicapping a race. The next time you’re handicapping and trying to make heads or tails of the greyhound’s race time, keep the following in mind.

Reason one: The greyhound’s time will be affected by the track racing surface. The surface varies from one day to the next, depending on weather or how the track was conditioned by track maintenance.

Reason two: The greyhound’s time will be affected by how the race is actually run. In a race with a lot of trouble or maneuvering, the time will be slower than a race would be without trouble. It is common to see a lower grade race being run faster than a higher grade race because of how the race was run.

Reason three: Early speed dogs will generally have faster times than pups who are closers because they do not have to maneuver around other dogs during the race.

A common saying among top greyhound handicappers is, “Time is only a factor if you are catching a plane.”

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