Wednesday Wisdom: Cooling Down!

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom brings you a fact about greyhounds! With help from our friends at Greyhound Facts, we hope to help expand your greyhound racing knowledge, whether you are an experienced greyhound racing spectator or are new to the sport.

Summer is right around the corner and, with it, rising temperatures! We will take a look at how greyhound athletes stay cool in warm weather, but first let’s answer the question: Why do greyhounds overheat easier than other breeds? As you can see when you look at a greyhound, they have a thin coat and very little fat. Because of this, greyhounds don’t have the same insulation as other breeds do to help regulate their body temperature from cold and hot weather. During hot temperatures, it is important that greyhounds stay cool to prevent overheating.


At the track, greyhound athletes are cooled down and walked after they race. Combining water cooling techniques and walking them helps to lower their heart rate and body temperature. It also aids in relaxing their muscles.

Tracks have different forms of water cooling techniques; Walk through tanks, dip tanks, kiddie pools, and hoses are some examples of what are used.


For your greyhounds at home, and other breeds too, it’s important to avoid overheating by walking and exercising your pets at cooler times of the day, typically in the morning and evening. Plenty of accessible drinking water is key and, if your pet is up for it, spraying them down after walking and playing in the heat or relaxing in a kiddie pool are quick ways to cool down your dog. Of course, if you’re ever worried your pet is experiencing heat exhaustion or heat stroke, call your veterinarian immediately.

Stay cool this Summer and remember to keep your pets cool, too!


Greyhound Facts is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Their mission is to provide a place to learn about all aspects of present day greyhound racing in the USA from those with hands on experience. Their network of volunteers includes people who are actively involved in the breeding, raising, training, and rehoming of these wonderful hounds, as well as those who adopt them. To find out more, visit:

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