She Did It: HUSKER MAGIC’s 100th Win!



Are we surprised? No. Are we thrilled? Absolutely.

We’ve long been supporters of Derby Lane’s Darling Diva, having featured her throughout the years in our Inside Lure newsletter and here in our blog. Last week we talked about the Blonde Bombshell in our Catch the Action podcast and speculated about her 100th win–but wow, she did it!

From Imark Kennels and racing for the Jim Abernathy Kennel, the 2015 AGTOA All-America team captain and 2015 Rural Rube award winner, HUSKER MAGIC, is in the spotlight again having earned her 100th career victory on Monday, May 16, 2016 at Derby Lane. Although, can we say she’s in the spotlight again when she’s really never left it?

Now more than ever before, HUSKER MAGIC truly is among racing royalty. She now belongs to an elite group of greyhound athletes, both active and retired, who have individually managed to earn 100 career wins.

After HUSKER MAGIC’S 100th win accomplishment, we chatted with Kayruth Abernathy and got the inside scoop on what’s next for the accomplished sprinter. Stay tuned to the blog this coming Friday, May 27 for our exclusive interview!

Be sure to watch for her racing tonight at Derby Lane’s evening card, race 10. We’re crossing our fingers for her tonight; here’s hoping for HUSKER MAGIC’S career win 101!

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