Wednesday Wisdom: Greyhound Lures!

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom brings you a fun fact from the greyhound racing industry! With help from our friends at Greyhound Facts, we hope to help expand your greyhound racing knowledge, whether you are an experienced greyhound racing spectator or are new to the sport.


You’re probably very familiar with the object greyhound athletes chase around the track. That object flying around the track is called a lure. A lure is a mechanical device attached to an arm and electrically driven around the racing strip, which the lure operator keeps at a uniform distance ahead of the Greyhounds. There are many different types of lures used between greyhound tracks: Stuffed toy rabbits (or bunnies), stuffed toy bones, red flags, white flags, pom poms (tassels), windsocks, and others are used as lures.

Interesting, right? But did you know that the lures at the tracks also have names? Rusty, Sparky, Spunky, Harrison Hare, and Casey are just a few of them. You will often here the announcer of a track call out the name of the lure at the start of a race. Here’s a clip from our Podcast of track announcers calling out the lure:


Greyhound Facts is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Their mission is to provide a place to learn about all aspects of present day greyhound racing in the USA from those with hands on experience. Their network of volunteers includes people who are actively involved in the breeding, raising, training, and rehoming of these wonderful hounds, as well as those who adopt them. To find out more, visit:


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