This Week with The Professor: Trip Handicapping


This week, The Professor discusses the importance of spending time to study your favorite greyhounds prior to post. Let’s see what trip handicapping is all about and how it might help you score your next payout.

By far the best way to win while wagering on greyhounds is “trip handicapping.”

If you have spent any time at the track you will have noticed some people carefully watching replays of the previous race. Generally, this is not to revel in a win or cry about a loss. Rather, it is to see what happened during the race which may have affected the performance of each greyhound in the race.

It is also to chart the tendencies of each greyhound: breaking ability, whether the hound runs inside or outside, and the racing sense of each dog.

A serious gambler will keep notes on each greyhound as to their tendencies and troubled trips. He or she will apply that knowledge when wagering. This gives that person serious advantage over the general public trying to pick winners strictly on the past performance lines on the program.

Remember, we offer free live video and race replays directly on our website. Check out our handy how-to video on how to watch races:

If you are just an occasional player and do not have the time or energy to trip handicap, feel free to check out my other articles for more handicapping tips.

Do you have a question for The Professor? Leave a comment below and you could receive a $2 wagering credit to your Greyhound Channel account if your question is featured!

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