Wednesday Wisdom: Myth Busted #5!

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom brings you another busted myth, from our friends at Greyhound Facts, to help expand your greyhound racing knowledge, whether you are an experienced greyhound racing spectator or are new to the sport.

Myth: The first treats and toys greyhounds receive are after they have retired from racing and are pets.

Fact: All kennels give their dogs treats, whether it’s marshmallows, Vanilla Wafers, Milk Bones, cows ears, etc. Each trainer has their own treats of choice.

Greyhounds have toys to play with while growing up on the farm. Many race kennels also have toys. Of course, a muzzle or an empty bleach bottle are just as fun as those bought at the store.


Greyhound Facts is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Their mission is to provide a place to learn about all aspects of present day greyhound racing in the USA from those with hands on experience. Their network of volunteers includes people who are actively involved in the breeding, raising, training, and rehoming of these wonderful hounds, as well as those who adopt them. To find out more, visit:


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