This Week with The Professor: Irish Racing


Last week, our friend David N. had a question about Irish greyhound racing:


Greyt question, David! Let’s see what The Professor has to say on the subject:

First, let me admit that I am not an expert on Irish racing but I will attempt to give you some information that may be helpful. There are several differences between American and Irish greyhound racing.

In the USA, we have 8 and 9 runners in a race. In Ireland, the maximum number of runners in a race is 6. In the USA, the post positions are determined by random draw. In Ireland, the dogs are seeded by running style. The inside runners are given inside posts and the wide runners are given outside posts. This is determined by the racing secretary.

The racing blankets are slightly different as well:

  • Trap 1 = Red with white numeral
  • Trap 2 = Blue with white numeral
  • Trap 3 = White with black numeral
  • Trap 4 = Black with white numeral
  • Trap 5 = Orange with black numeral
  • Trap 6 = Black & white stripes with red numeral

The kennel system is different as well. In the USA, each track will “book” or give a contract to a certain number of kennels to run greyhounds at that track. You must have a “booking” at that track to run greyhounds there. In Ireland, you must register your kennel with the Irish Racing Board, and you may run at any track that the greyhound qualifies for.

The grading systems are completely different. Rather than try to explain this, I’ve found the website for the Irish Greyhound Board, which has a lot of information to explain the Irish racing system. The Irish Greyhound Board‘s website will also help decipher the Irish racing programs as well, since they are also vastly different.

Thanks to David N. for this question! He has received a $2 credit to his Greyhound Channel wagering account.

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