Spotlight: Guess the Palm Beach Hot Dog!


We’d like to play a game called “Name that Hot Dog!” Can you identify this week’s rising star athlete only by using the following facts about his racing career?

Here’s some clues to help you figure out which greyt athlete we’re spotlighting this week.

  • Excellence is hereditary. He descends from super-hound KC AND ALL X TONI WORKS.
  • He’s a Rader Racing hot dog who made his debut in November 2015 at Naples-Ft Myers.

Any guesses? How about…

  • After a few trips around the Naples track, he transferred to Palm Beach Kennel Club. He soared through schooling and hit the ground running in the J grade.
  • He’s a sprinter. To quote Palm Beach announcer Mike Jameson, “They’re off and you better not blink!”
CRAIGIE RENEGADE at Palm Beach. Photo from Palm Beach Kennel Club’s Facebook Page; used with permission from Jeff Prince.

If you guessed our mystery hound was CRAIGIE RENEGADE, nicely done! The clues above paint a greyt picture of his racing career: an impressive youth who has only just begun to wow crowds in not only the Florida circuit, but gaining attention everywhere.

Lately he’s been burning it up at “The Beach,” swiftly moving from grade J to TA in only two and a half short months. On February 22, 2016 he ran a new track record at Palm Beach for the 301 yard sprint. Then he broke the record again. And again. Yes, during his meteoric rise he ran a new track record at Palm Beach a total three times. Three! And it’s still early in the season!

What a greyt memento! CRAIGIE RENEGADE breaking the 301  yard record at Palm Beach on February 22, 2016. Photo from Palm Beach Kennel Club’s Facebook Page; used with permission from Jeff Prince.

His first record-breaking sprint was on February 22, 2016, where he sizzled across the finish line with a time of 16.34 in the 301 yard sprint:

Not just a flash in the pan, a mere 12 days later, CRAIGIE RENEGADE broke his own record. On March 5, 2016, he showed he’s only getting faster with a new track record of 16.33 in the 301 yard sprint:

Then, on his very next out, on March 12, “The Renegade” flexed his super-sprinter muscles again. He was able to trim a few more milliseconds off his previous track record, flashing across the finish at 16.22 in the 301 yard sprint. Jameson even remarks, “Watch that time!”

Seems like he’s flying around the track. Does he even touch the ground? Super-sprinter indeed!

They say practice makes perfect and it’s clear CRAIGIE RENEGADE is only getting better as time goes on. Sure, his last out on March 16, 2016 had him come in second with BF PAR SNIPE chasing him down in a rematch from March 12v. Hey, you can’t win ‘em all, and you certainly can’t break a track record every single time you’re out.

Since the start of the 2016 season, he’s 14 – 12 – 2. What’s next for him? Congratulations to CRAIGIE RENEGADE, Rader Racing, and all connections on such an exciting early season! We anticipate seeing big things from this monster pup, that’s for sure.
Let us know in the comments if there’s another greyhound we should report on! Have you witnessed an exceptional up and coming greyhound athlete? Share your “hot dog” rising stars with us! If we feature your greyt athlete, we’ll post $2 in wagering credit to your Greyhound Channel account!


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