Wednesday Wisdom: Myth Busted #2

Our Wednesday Wisdom is bringing you another busted myth from our pals at Greyhound Facts to help expand your greyhound racing knowledge, whether you are an experienced greyhound racing spectator or are new to the sport. Today, we explain where and how greyhound athletes spend their time off the track!

Myth: A common misconception about racing greyhounds is that they spend the majority of their lives confined to small cages with little human contact.

Fact: Dogs spend an average of 12-18 hours each day sleeping or resting (with most greyhounds closer to the high end) regardless of whether they are loose or crated, in a home or at the track. At the track, that sleep and rest time is spent in comfortable, individual crates.

The regulation track crates are larger than the crates typically used in homes for pet greyhounds. They can comfortably stand, stretch out, roach, or even share space with their favorite trainer in those crates. When visiting a racing kennel, it is quite obvious from the dogs’ behavior that they are comfortable, content, and secure in their crates.


As professional athletes, racing greyhounds also have to receive appropriate exercise and activity to stay in shape and perform their best. They spend the rest of their time playing and hanging out with their kennel mates in the turn out pens, interacting with their trainers and kennel staff, and being checked over thoroughly and massaged to make sure they are sound before and after their races. Time is also spent training to race, as well as racing.


Greyhound Facts is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Their mission is to provide a place to learn about all aspects of present day greyhound racing in the USA from those with hands on experience. Their network of volunteers includes people who are actively involved in the breeding, raising, training, and rehoming of these wonderful hounds, as well as those who adopt them. To find out more, visit:


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