2015 Rural Rube and Flashy Sir Recipients


In the Winter 2016 issue of The Greyhound Review (from the NGA), the nominations for both the 45th Rural Rube and the 45th Flashy Sir were announced. There were 47 nominees for the Rural Rube and 20 nominees for the Flashy Sir. It’s always an exciting time of year when we get to speculate on who will earn these prestigious honors, as we relive the moments that molded each greyt athlete.

These honors were created by well-known figure of the NGA, Gary Guccione. He’s the Executive Editor for the Greyhound Review, a popular greyhound magazine put together by the NGA. But what exactly are these greyhound honors? What does it mean to receive the 45th Rural Rube Award? Besides owning a top-hat and cane, what makes you qualified to be the 2015 Flashy Sir?

RURAL RUBE. Photo courtesy of Greyhound Data

The Rural Rube Award is a throwback to the RURAL RUBE, a powerhouse sprinter from 1937. He had an amazing career record and won so many accolades that his level of success was unheard of at the time. Some compare RURAL RUBE as the 1940’s greyhound-version of Zenyatta since he was not only an amazing athlete but he also loved the crowds who watched him race. In 1940, RURAL RUBE received a gold medal inscribed, “To Rural Rube, The Champion’s Champion.” He retired in 1940 and sired many offspring. In 1963, RURAL RUBE was one of the first three greyhounds (the others being FLASHY SIR and REAL HUNTSMAN) to be inducted into the Greyhound Hall of Fame in Abilene, Kansas. Today, greyhounds who are outstanding sprinters are nominated for this award.


FLASHY SIR. Photo courtesy of Greyhound Data

A few years after RURAL RUBE, FLASHY SIR, a monster pup out of Kansas in 1944, came into the wonderful world of greyhound racing. He was nicknamed “Mr. Greyhound” and was known as the World’s Greatest Greyhound with 60 wins out of 80 starts at 13 tracks, including 13 straight wins. Along with RURAL RUBE, FLASHY SIR was one of the three very first greyhounds to be inducted into the Greyhound Hall of Fame in 1963. Flashy Sir Award nominees are considered for their distance running prowess.

The best greyhound athletes of 2015 topped both lists. If we weren’t impressed before by B’S HEADLINER, MEGA NERFETTA, and PJ REFINED, we certainly are now, as all three pups were nominated for both the sprint and distance awards. What a spectacular achievement!

With both lists comprised of the year’s most impressive greyhound athletes, selecting only one award recipient for each category was incredibly tough. Voters submitted their ballots to the NGA to determine the 2015 award winners, which were announced on March 2nd, 2016.

A milestone for Derby Lane, as this year’s Rural Rube winner announcement marks the 10th time (since 2000) that the winner calls the St. Petersburg track home.

HUSKER MAGIC, winner of Derby Lane’s $64,000 Sprint Classic

Coincidentally, this is the 7th year in a row that the Rural Rube Award Winner is also the captain of the All-America team. The recipient is also approaching her 100th career win (98 so far). HUSKER MAGIC, Derby Lane’s very own Darling Diva, was selected as the 45th Rural Rube Award Winner. We look forward to watching her bring in the wins once she’s healed from her sprained hock. Congratulations to Abernathy Kennel/Imark Kennels and all connections for receiving this grand honor!

The best distance greyhound for the 2015 Flashy Sir award goes to another Derby Lane athlete. He was the Derby Lane $75,000 Holiday Distance Challenge winner, among other accolades, including in 2015 he recorded the three fastest ⅜ time at Derby Lane.

HIGHLYCLASSIFIED, winner of Derby Lane’s $75,000 Holiday Distance Challenge

HIGHLYCLASSIFIED, one of the 2015 first All-America team members, received the nod for the 45th Flashy Sir award. Congratulations to John Farmer Kennel/Monte Jacobs and all connections in receiving this impressive honor!

What a bunch of greyt greyhounds. We anticipate a full year of achievements and excitement from these pups; we can’t wait to see what happens next. Congratulations to all those who worked tirelessly throughout the 2015 year and good luck for the coming meets!


Check out the NGA’s article for more information on the 2015 Rural Rube and Flashy Sir award winners. To see past year award winners, check out the NGA’s Awards page  and click on “Rural Rube and Flashy Sir Award Winners.”

Learn more about legendary FLASHY SIR: http://data.ngagreyhounds.com/FlashySir.asp

Learn more about legendary RURAL RUBE: http://data.ngagreyhounds.com/RuralRube.asp

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