Did You Know: Race Results, Live Video, and Replays!

After an exciting Saturday evening of playing in our Handicapping Contest Challenge, have you ever wondered what the results and prices of the races were? Ever wanted to watch the race replays but not sure where to view them? Beyond the over the phone and online wagering experiences, we are proud to offer many features for free that most sites make you pay to use including free race results, live racing video, and race replays.

For the sake of our example, our 2/20/16 Saturday Handicapping Contest Challenge was hosted at Southland Park Evening. Let’s illustrate how to find past results and race replays.

We have a handful of different ways to find race results and video replays on Greyhound Channel. Let’s check out how to look this information up via GHC Express.

1.     Make sure you’re at our webpage: www.greyhoundchannel.com.

2.     Log in using your account number and four digit pin.


3.     Once you’ve logged in, click on GHC Express.


Not only can you use GHC Express on your desktop computer, you can also use it on your smartphone or other internet capable mobile device. From the main GHC Express screen, you can make bets, watch live video, see same-day results; which makes it one of the most powerfully compact wagering applications we offer.

4.     Check out all of this information available at a glance. We see the next tracks coming up in our favorites, our account balance, and information about the current card at Naples-Ft Myers Eve. Remember we were curious to see the results from 2/20/16’s Saturday Handicapping Contest Challenge at Southland? Let’s check ‘em out! Click on Past Results in the top bar.


This will open up the Past Results section in a new tab. If this doesn’t happen for you, make sure your browser’s pop-up blocker feature is set to allow pop-ups from us.

5.     Select the date for the results you’re looking for: in this case, we want it to be 2/20/16. Once you’ve selected the date, scroll down and look to the left-side for the track you want to view. In this case, we want Southland Eve. Once you click on Southland Eve, results will automatically pull up on the screen:


Scroll through the results to find the results you’re looking for. Pretty nice, right?

GHC Express has a lot of great features but another we’d like to highlight is the video race replays option. From this very results screen, you can click on the Live Video & Race Replays link on the top left of the bar:


This will change the page from past results to Live Video & Race Replays and the video should automatically start streaming with whichever track is currently running.


When you click on the link it defaults to live video. Say you want to view Southland Eve from 2/20/16, to watch the races from the Saturday Handicapping Contest. In this window, click on the Race Replays button on the top right-side.


This will change the information directly underneath this button from the live data to a calendar. Select the desired track from the pull down menu, then select which date.


Click on the 20th, select the race, and boom! It’s like you’re at the track. GHC Express is a greyt way to stay connected with the most up-to-date information for results and replays.

And remember: you can always access live and video replays directly on Greyhound Channel after logging in with your account information by clicking on Watch All Races Live. You can also get past race results via our Greyhound Data link on the main page, too.

As always, if you ever have a question or would like help with our website, feel free to call in at 877-782-5323 and hit option 4 to speak with a Customer Service Representative. We’re here to help!


Would you like to give us feedback about GHC Express or any of our other wagering applications? Do you have an idea you would like to see featured in another “Did You Know?” segment? Call in or send us an email at custserv@GreyhoundChannel.com. We’d love to hear from you!


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