Palm Beach Hot Dog: WIKI RAY DONOVAN


Earlier this year, one of our PAYDOG Pick of the Day in-house handicappers came across a new arrival to the Palm Beach Kennel Club circuit, WIKI RAY DONOVAN (KC AND ALL X WIKI LIL QUICKY). Our handicapper suggested we keep our eyes open for this rising star and we’d thought we’d share WIKI RAY’s progress with you.

WIKI RAY DONOVAN Grade J 1-11-16
WIKI RAY DONOVAN prepping before his Grade J win on January 11th, 2016.

Since he truly is new to Palm Beach (having only broken maiden on January 8th, 2016), there’s not a whole lot of information on him. Usually a pup’s schooling races are unavailable for replay since they take place before the track’s daily card. Luckily for us, Palm Beach Kennel Club has quite the library of race replays on their website. We thought it’d be fun to post WIKI RAY’s schooling races, just in case you haven’t heard about this pup, so you can get an idea for yourself:

Schooling: WIKI RAY DONOVAN @ Palm Beach Kennel Club on 12/30/15

Schooling: WIKI RAY DONOVAN @ Palm Beach Kennel Club on 01/03/2016

Maiden: WIKI RAY DONOVAN @ Palm Beach Kennel Club Matinee Race 1 on 01/08/2016

WIKI RAY DONOVAN boasts a great season so far with 7 starts (5-1-1-0). He had a fantastic 9.5 length win in his maiden race on January 8th, 2016. Since then, he’s soared from Maiden to grade A in little over a month’s time.

While this record is certainly impressive, we’re also impressed by WIKI RAY’s presence on the field. We’re not the only ones though: excitement has formed on social media about the newcomer. People watched WIKI RAY’s replays from Palm Beach, racing fans started tweeting, and a fan-base was born. Buzz was created on Twitter: folks tweeted their favorite race moments and texted excitedly in anticipation for his next race. The same question was on the tip of everyone’s fingers: who is WIKI RAY DONOVAN and where does he come from?

WIKI RAY, trained by Justin Douglas (James E. Douglas Kennel) and owned by Coleen Pace, is the offspring of retired Bluffs Run super-hound KC AND ALL. KC AND ALL came on scene to Bluffs Run in May 2008 and quickly excelled through the ranks, where he found his niche in the A grade. He was hot stuff burning up the track at Bluffs Run from 2008 until 2010, when he retired from racing.

It seems the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. We wish WIKI RAY DONOVAN and all connections our best this season. We expect to see #greyt things from this little apple and we know one day he’ll grow into a mighty tree.


Have you witnessed an exceptional up and coming greyhound athlete? Share your “hot dog” rising stars with us! If we feature your #greyt athlete, we’ll post $2 in wagering credit to your Greyhound Channel account!



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