This Week with The Professor: Shippers


Do greyhounds only race at one track, or can they move from one track to another? Why would they move? What do I need to know?

Good questions. Today we will discuss shippers, or greyhounds that move from one track to another.

There can be a number of reasons for kennels to do this. One would be that the greyhound is struggling at a major track and the owner feels the hound needs easier competition. Another would be the running style of the greyhound does not fit the configuration of that track. Sometimes an owner may feel that the greyhound has stalled off at one track and a change of scenery may wake them up. One final reason would be that the greyhound has excelled at a minor track and the owner feels that the dog is ready for stiffer competition.

This can be a very profitable angle if you are aware of the quality of the greyhounds at each track. The “shipper” may be taking a huge drop in class and be an excellent bet and overlooked by the other bettors. Conversely, a greyhound may be taking a big step up and may take a few starts to adjust to the proper level. Look for this angle and you may find your wallet size increasing.

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2 thoughts on “This Week with The Professor: Shippers

  1. Sometimes I get the feeling certain dogs are going off at longer odds just because their name is harder to pronounce. Their records shows they are a contender but the final odds seem higher. Is there a psychological aversion to the betting public to wagering on dogs with difficult sounding names? Or am I just imagining all of this?


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