The 2015 All-American Team


The 2015 All-American Team has been announced by the American Greyhound Track Operators Association (AGTOA)! Since 1963, AGTOA has recognized the best 8 greyhounds in the nation with the All-American Team.


At the top of the All-American Team with the captain title is Derby Lane’s “Darling Diva,” HUSKER MAGIC (RHYTHMLESS X CASINO ZADA). Owned by Imark Kennels and racing for the Abernathy Kennel, HUSKER MAGIC has been one of the best at Derby Lane. With an impressive resumé of 98 career winnings, it is not surprising to hear HUSKER MAGIC’s name called for the All-American Team for the second year in a row. In 2015, HUSKER MAGIC won the Daytona 550 National Championship and Derby Lane’s $64,000 Sprint Classic. She continues to race her best for Derby Lane.


FLYING FIRED UP (RHYTHMLESS X FLYING ABLAZE) is owned by Vince Berland and racing for the Lester Raines Kennel. In 2015, FLYING FIRED UP won Southland’s $50,000 Sprint Derby and the King and Queen Stake. He recently participated in the Daytona 550 National Championship on January 23rd where he took third place and should continue racing at Southland soon.


NEED MY MONEYNOW (NO MORE LOVING X NEED A DATE) was the star at Gulf Greyhound Park. Owned and raced by Sharon Williams, NEED MY MONEYNOW won the Gulf $10,000 Diane Whiteley Sprint Memorial while setting a track record in 2015. After the close of Gulf Greyhound Park, NEED MY MONEYNOW took the win for the Daytona 550 National Championship January 23, 2016. He is settling in well at Orange Park with first and second places in his first 2 starts.


Owned by Vince Barland and Tim Ertl, and racing for Everett Kennel, B’S HEADLINER (BD’S GRAYSON X ODD CHERIE) won the $30,000 Sprint Stake and $60,000 Derby at Naples. She moved to Southland where she has run very well. B’S HEADLINER is the oldest on the All-American Team at 4 years old, but has no sign of slowing down any time soon.


SELDOM TOLD (TRENT LEE X NEED A DATE), like NEED MY MONEYNOW, is owned and raced by Sharon Williams. Moving up from All-American Second Team last year, SELDOM TOLD won the Gulf $4,000 King and Queen Stake and tied the track record with his half brother, NEED MY MONEYNOW. He is currently running at Orange Park.


BOC’S HANK JR (KIOWA MON MANNY X BOC’S MISS RODEO) was the star at Bluffs Run. Owned by Brad Boeckenstedt and Mickey L Hasty, and racing for the Boeckenstedt Kennel, BOC’S HANK JR was named co-captain of the All Bluffs Run Team last year. In 2015, he won the the $500,000 Iowa-Bred Classic at Bluffs Run. Since the close of Bluffs Run, BOC’S HANK JR moved to Daytona Beach. Unfortunately, he was scratched for the Daytona 550 National Championship on January 23rd, but we hope to see him running again soon.


HIGHLYCLASSIFIED (KIOWA MON MANNY X CANTRELL) is the 660-yard star at Derby Lane. Owned by Jacobs Racing Kennel and racing for John Farmer Kennel, he took home Derby Lane’s $75,000 Holiday Distance Challenge and set a record time for the 660. HIGHLYCLASSIFIED continues to race at Derby Lane.


STORM CONTROL (LONESOME CRY X RACY REWARD) is owned by Steve Schlachter and raced for B & B Racing. In 2015, he won the $50,000 Palm Beach He’s My Man Classic and the $50,000 Art Rooney Sr. St. Pat’s Invitational.

Along with the All-American Team announcement, the All-American Second Team members were announced. The Second Team members are OH YA GUNSMOKE, RED UTOPIAN, AMF SLEEKSTRANGR, AMF SPANWICH, CHASMO’S DUTCH, TED CRUZ, BOC’S TONY ROMO, and TMC’S SWEETY PIE.

The 8 All-American Team members will be honored at the Greyhound Hall of Fame awards ceremony on April 28, 2016, during the NGA Spring Meet in Abilene, KS.

Congratulations to the 2015 members of the All-American Team and all connections! We look forward to watching these great pups continue to run excellent races.

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