Did You Know: Race Results, Live Video, and Replays!

After an exciting Saturday evening of playing in our Handicapping Contest Challenge, have you ever wondered what the results and prices of the races were? Ever wanted to watch the race replays but not sure where to view them? Beyond the over the phone and online wagering experiences, we are proud to offer many features for free that most sites make you pay to use including free race results, live racing video, and race replays.

For the sake of our example, our 2/20/16 Saturday Handicapping Contest Challenge was hosted at Southland Park Evening. Let’s illustrate how to find past results and race replays.

We have a handful of different ways to find race results and video replays on Greyhound Channel. Let’s check out how to look this information up via GHC Express.

1.     Make sure you’re at our webpage: www.greyhoundchannel.com.

2.     Log in using your account number and four digit pin.


3.     Once you’ve logged in, click on GHC Express.


Not only can you use GHC Express on your desktop computer, you can also use it on your smartphone or other internet capable mobile device. From the main GHC Express screen, you can make bets, watch live video, see same-day results; which makes it one of the most powerfully compact wagering applications we offer.

4.     Check out all of this information available at a glance. We see the next tracks coming up in our favorites, our account balance, and information about the current card at Naples-Ft Myers Eve. Remember we were curious to see the results from 2/20/16’s Saturday Handicapping Contest Challenge at Southland? Let’s check ‘em out! Click on Past Results in the top bar.


This will open up the Past Results section in a new tab. If this doesn’t happen for you, make sure your browser’s pop-up blocker feature is set to allow pop-ups from us.

5.     Select the date for the results you’re looking for: in this case, we want it to be 2/20/16. Once you’ve selected the date, scroll down and look to the left-side for the track you want to view. In this case, we want Southland Eve. Once you click on Southland Eve, results will automatically pull up on the screen:


Scroll through the results to find the results you’re looking for. Pretty nice, right?

GHC Express has a lot of great features but another we’d like to highlight is the video race replays option. From this very results screen, you can click on the Live Video & Race Replays link on the top left of the bar:


This will change the page from past results to Live Video & Race Replays and the video should automatically start streaming with whichever track is currently running.


When you click on the link it defaults to live video. Say you want to view Southland Eve from 2/20/16, to watch the races from the Saturday Handicapping Contest. In this window, click on the Race Replays button on the top right-side.


This will change the information directly underneath this button from the live data to a calendar. Select the desired track from the pull down menu, then select which date.


Click on the 20th, select the race, and boom! It’s like you’re at the track. GHC Express is a greyt way to stay connected with the most up-to-date information for results and replays.

And remember: you can always access live and video replays directly on Greyhound Channel after logging in with your account information by clicking on Watch All Races Live. You can also get past race results via our Greyhound Data link on the main page, too.

As always, if you ever have a question or would like help with our website, feel free to call in at 877-782-5323 and hit option 4 to speak with a Customer Service Representative. We’re here to help!


Would you like to give us feedback about GHC Express or any of our other wagering applications? Do you have an idea you would like to see featured in another “Did You Know?” segment? Call in or send us an email at custserv@GreyhoundChannel.com. We’d love to hear from you!


This Week with The Professor: Track Bias


Greyhound handicapping is challenging by nature which is why it’s so sweet when you score big with a pup others fail to notice. When you realize there may be other aspects to consider that may be influencing the situation, it can be tough to select your next pick. The next time you’re watching the races, keep an eye open for anything that might give you an advantage over factors out of your control, such as track bias.

Today we will discuss “track bias.” Track bias consists mainly of two factors, both relating to the condition of the race track surface or the configuration of the track itself.

The first bias is whether the track is favoring early speed or finishers. This condition may be a consistent bias or one that fluctuates from day to day. Tracks that have a long stretch or a sprint that is longer than the normal sprint distance of 5/16 of a mile may have a tendency to favor the finishers, whereas a track that has a shorter than normal sprint or has a shorter stretch may favor early speedsters.

The other bias is whether the track favors inside or wide runners. This bias generally fluctuates from day to day and if you can decipher the bias early it can be a big advantage when wagering.

To sum up, when handicapping a race, use the biases to help you gain an advantage over the other players who are not paying attention to this important factor.


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What’s in a Name: Greyhound Naming Conventions

The Professor writes a blog series dedicated to providing useful and little-known tips designed to help greyhound handicappers, new and old. These tips lead our readers to ask questions about the topic, other times directing the subject into another direction than the original post. This change of perspective gives us the opportunity to do some research on some over-looked areas of the greyhound industry.

The Professor received a question from reader David L.:


Interesting question, David! We agree that difficult-sounding names sometimes seem to be a turn-off, especially when their stats are equal across the board with their traditionally named counterparts. While we can’t comment on the public’s psychological state, we did do some digging around on the topic. We realized choosing a name for a greyhound is much harder than we perceived it to be. For fun, we checked out the AKC’s list of the most popular dog names in 2015:

    Male                        Female

Tucker                    Bailey

Bear                       Chloe

   Duke                      Sophie

   Toby                       Maggie

Rocky                    Sadie

All cute names, but could you imagine the entire field at Derby Lane being full of Tuckers, Chloes, Dukes, Maggies, and Rockys? That would be super confusing and honestly, a bit boring. Which is why the NGA requires every greyhound to have a unique racing name.

This made us wonder: what exactly is in a name?

Juliet Capulet of Romeo & Juliet fame argued that a name doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet.” As we all know not everyone in Verona felt the same about Romeo and therefore, his name. In the end, names do matter. Sorry, Romeo, but if you were from any other family it might’ve gone differently: mainly, Shakespeare wouldn’t be nearly so famous.

Surprisingly when it comes to choosing a name for that greyhound there’s not a definitive source on naming convention rules. NGA outlines a few of their rules on the greyhound registration application such as, “[the name] cannot exceed 16 spaces, which includes punctuation and spaces. Periods acceptable only when using Dr., Mr., Ms., and Mrs. Apostrophes accepted only with contractions and proper names (i.e., O’MALLEY).”

Further digging around led us to some other naming rules:

  • A greyhound cannot have a name that begins with “the” and it cannot end with junior or senior. The name cannot have numbers (1, 2, etc) in the name but it can be spelled out (BELLA THREE PEAT, for example).
  • No offensive language.
  • Roman numerals are not allowed.
  • Names are restricted from having more than three initials (AMF SLEEKSTRANGR, for example).
  • Once a name is registered, it cannot be used again until a decade after the title holder’s death (and was not used for breeding purposes).

And the icing on the cake? Once you’ve decided on a name, you must come up with two other name options to submit on your form. The NGA requires three naming choices in case they are already taken–and in rare instances, the application will be returned for three more choices–talk about a tough decision all the way around!

From using the identifying BELLA, AMF, FLYING, KIOWA, KELSOS, et al. monikers to help people at-a-glance identify pups to naming littermates similarly, people have fun with names. One of the more memorable naming conventions is from the MOLOTOV X JASMINE NOTYOURS litter: PORTERHOUSE, FILETMIGNON RARE, LONDON BROIL, PRIME RIB, SIRLOIN RARE, TEE BONE RARE, and TOP SIRLION. You get the picture.

BELLA INCUBUS (Inc) enjoying an afternoon in the yard.

Another aspect of the name game is once they’ve found a naming formula that works, they roll with it. According to an article found on NGA in 2014, for the third year in a row, the most popular racing prefix was BELLA. One of the more famously known Bellas, BELLA INFRARED, winner of the 2012 Rural Rube Award and 2012 NGA All-American captain. Our very own BELLA INCUBUS (Inc), is BELLA INFRARED’s brother, both dammed by BELLA IONIC, who was dammed by BELLA VANESSA! Talk about a prolific line.

Circling back to your question, David, about the psychology of a greyhound’s name. The next time we see a name that is surely a mouthful, we’ll try to remember the name may have been tough to come up with. We’ll give it a fair chance like all the others because, no matter what it might be, a name is just a name… unless it’s Romeo Montague.

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Palm Beach Hot Dog: WIKI RAY DONOVAN


Earlier this year, one of our PAYDOG Pick of the Day in-house handicappers came across a new arrival to the Palm Beach Kennel Club circuit, WIKI RAY DONOVAN (KC AND ALL X WIKI LIL QUICKY). Our handicapper suggested we keep our eyes open for this rising star and we’d thought we’d share WIKI RAY’s progress with you.

WIKI RAY DONOVAN Grade J 1-11-16
WIKI RAY DONOVAN prepping before his Grade J win on January 11th, 2016.

Since he truly is new to Palm Beach (having only broken maiden on January 8th, 2016), there’s not a whole lot of information on him. Usually a pup’s schooling races are unavailable for replay since they take place before the track’s daily card. Luckily for us, Palm Beach Kennel Club has quite the library of race replays on their website. We thought it’d be fun to post WIKI RAY’s schooling races, just in case you haven’t heard about this pup, so you can get an idea for yourself:

Schooling: WIKI RAY DONOVAN @ Palm Beach Kennel Club on 12/30/15

Schooling: WIKI RAY DONOVAN @ Palm Beach Kennel Club on 01/03/2016

Maiden: WIKI RAY DONOVAN @ Palm Beach Kennel Club Matinee Race 1 on 01/08/2016

WIKI RAY DONOVAN boasts a great season so far with 7 starts (5-1-1-0). He had a fantastic 9.5 length win in his maiden race on January 8th, 2016. Since then, he’s soared from Maiden to grade A in little over a month’s time.

While this record is certainly impressive, we’re also impressed by WIKI RAY’s presence on the field. We’re not the only ones though: excitement has formed on social media about the newcomer. People watched WIKI RAY’s replays from Palm Beach, racing fans started tweeting, and a fan-base was born. Buzz was created on Twitter: folks tweeted their favorite race moments and texted excitedly in anticipation for his next race. The same question was on the tip of everyone’s fingers: who is WIKI RAY DONOVAN and where does he come from?

WIKI RAY, trained by Justin Douglas (James E. Douglas Kennel) and owned by Coleen Pace, is the offspring of retired Bluffs Run super-hound KC AND ALL. KC AND ALL came on scene to Bluffs Run in May 2008 and quickly excelled through the ranks, where he found his niche in the A grade. He was hot stuff burning up the track at Bluffs Run from 2008 until 2010, when he retired from racing.

It seems the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. We wish WIKI RAY DONOVAN and all connections our best this season. We expect to see #greyt things from this little apple and we know one day he’ll grow into a mighty tree.


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This Week with The Professor: Shippers


Do greyhounds only race at one track, or can they move from one track to another? Why would they move? What do I need to know?

Good questions. Today we will discuss shippers, or greyhounds that move from one track to another.

There can be a number of reasons for kennels to do this. One would be that the greyhound is struggling at a major track and the owner feels the hound needs easier competition. Another would be the running style of the greyhound does not fit the configuration of that track. Sometimes an owner may feel that the greyhound has stalled off at one track and a change of scenery may wake them up. One final reason would be that the greyhound has excelled at a minor track and the owner feels that the dog is ready for stiffer competition.

This can be a very profitable angle if you are aware of the quality of the greyhounds at each track. The “shipper” may be taking a huge drop in class and be an excellent bet and overlooked by the other bettors. Conversely, a greyhound may be taking a big step up and may take a few starts to adjust to the proper level. Look for this angle and you may find your wallet size increasing.

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SLEEKSTRANGR’s Absence on All-America Team: A Grave Injustice

Opinion piece by Stan Pawloski in response to the All-America Team announcement.

Disappointed and shocked.

Last week, the eight-member 2015 All-America team was announced by the American Greyhound Track Operators Association with HUSKER MAGIC (Derby Lane) as the captain. Other first teamers (in order by votes) include FLYING FIRED UP (Southland), NEED MY MONEYNOW (Gulf), B’S HEADLINER (Naples/Southland), SELDOM TOLD (Gulf), BOC’S HANK JR (Bluffs Run), HIGHLYCLASSIFIED (Derby Lane) and STORM CONTROL (Palm Beach).

One greyhound notably missing from the first team was Wheeling’s AMF SLEEKSTRANGR.

In the opinion of this writer, Sleekstrangr – now at Southland – deserved a spot on the All-America first team. It’s baffling how the sprinter, arguably one of the top five greyhounds to ever race around the Wheeling oval, did not receive national support from the voting representatives from the AGTOA racetracks.

Sleekstrangr’s owner, Tom Ferris, was stunned.

“I’m still in shock Strangr did not make the first team. I cannot tell you in words how angry I was (when he heard the news). It was never a thought in my mind that he would not make it,” Ferris said. “I guess the result begs the following question: How can a Wheeling dog ever be elected to the first team from this day forward if Strangr cannot be elected to it?”

Sleekstrangr did make the second team along with two other Wheeling racers, AMF Spamwich and Ted Cruz. Even more puzzling was the fact that two other greyhounds on the second team received more votes than Sleekstrangr.

The second unit (by votes) was comprised of O YA GUNSMOKE (Orange Park), RED UTOPIAN (Flagler/Naples), AMF SLEEKSTRANGR (Wheeling), AMF SPAMWICH (Wheeling), CHASMO’S DUTCH (Southland), TED CRUZ (Wheeling), BOC’S TONY ROMO (Bluffs Run) and TMC’S SWEETY PIE (Orange Park).

Granted, there are some nice greyhounds on the first team, however, in my eyes Sleekstrangr’s accomplishments during the 2015 racing season were All-America worthy. He’s the total package, a complete greyhound – a rare combination of speed, power, determination and intelligence – and an owner’s dream.

Sleekstrangr was without question one of the top eight greyhounds in the country last year, but apparently that was not the case when voters submitted their ballots.

For the record, Sleekstrangr had 26 wins, 9 seconds and 2 fourths in 39 Grade AA starts in 2015 – an 89 percent mark in the quinella and trifecta; was the track win leader; set the 5/16 track record; had a 10-race win streak; and was second by a head in the Sweetheart Stake.

Sleekstrangr dominated Wheeling like few others. His 26 wins were by a combined 153 lengths – nearly a 6-length average margin of victory at a top-level track. He posted wins by 11 ½ (twice), 11 (twice), 10, and 9 ½ lengths.

“I can’t remember the last dog that dominated Wheeling as much as Strangr did. I was with him on this journey almost every day. When he got hurt, I didn’t rush him and try to get him back too soon,” Ferris said. “We did everything we could and so did Strangr and it still wasn’t good enough for a group of people who may have never seen him race.”

Some voters may have snubbed Sleekstrangr because he did not have a stakes victory on his resume. A stakes win wasn’t an issue in 2011 when Wheeling did not have any stakes races but AMF EX PRESIDENT and WW’S DOG GONE still were named to the All-America first team for their complete body of work.

If stakes events are used as the barometer for being named an All-American, should stake events with a hand-picked field and no qualifying rounds or a stake with only one round before the final carry as much weight as a stake with three or four early rounds?

Two of the first team honorees captured stake events with only one qualifying round or no rounds at all while TED CRUZ won two stakes events at two different distances, each with three qualifying rounds.

Unfortunately, not a year goes by without debate and controversy with the All-America selections.

In 2008, Wheeling 3/8 star TK QUICK STRIKE did not make the All-America first team but won the Flashy Sir Award as the nation’s top 3/8 greyhound. What were the voters thinking that year?

It may be asking too much, but it would be nice if voters left politics and personal agendas at the doorstep before entering the ballot box in the future and vote for the best eight greyhounds. From my viewpoint, that was not done this year and a grave injustice was committed.

Following are capsules of the first team honorees and their 2015 accomplishments:

HUSKER MAGIC, captain (57-41-11-0-2) – won the BetAmerica Daytona 550 and Derby Lane Sprint Classic; finalist Derby Lane Fall Sprint; topped the nation with 41 wins.

FLYING FIRED UP (55-22-16-6-7) – won the Southland Sprint Derby and King & Queens Stake; second in the Festival of Stakes Male Sprint; track co-win champ.

NEED MY MONEYNOW (49-40-7-2-0) – won the Gulf Diane Whiteley Sprint while sweeping all rounds; set the track sprint record; had win streaks of 14, 9, and 8.

B’S HEADLINER (61-19-14-11-4) – won the Naples Sprint Stake and Naples Derby; second in the Southland Razorback Classic; second in the Naples Floridian Sprint.

SELDOM TOLD (31-22-5-2-0) – won the Gulf King & Queen (one round and final); set track record.

BOC’S HANK JR (49-27-5-7-0) – won the Iowa-bred Classic; Bluffs track win champ; third in Bluffs Secretary’s Choice; finalist Bluffs Run Open.

HIGHLYCLASSIFIED (60-18-16-12-9) – won the Derby Lane Holiday Distance Challenge; second in the Derby Lane Distance Classic; third in the St. Pete Derby.

STORM CONTROL (14-6-4-0-0) – won the Palm Beach He’s My Man Classic and the St. Pat’s Invitational (no qualifying rounds); second in the BetAmerica Daytona 550.

The first team selections will be honored with All-America plaques at the Greyhound Hall of Fame ceremony April 28 during the NGA Spring Meet in Kansas.

Stan Mug NEW

Stan Pawloski is a writer for the Greyhound Review and is a weekly feature on Round Up The Hounds radio. Click here for Stan’s NGA profile.


The 2015 All-American Team


The 2015 All-American Team has been announced by the American Greyhound Track Operators Association (AGTOA)! Since 1963, AGTOA has recognized the best 8 greyhounds in the nation with the All-American Team.


At the top of the All-American Team with the captain title is Derby Lane’s “Darling Diva,” HUSKER MAGIC (RHYTHMLESS X CASINO ZADA). Owned by Imark Kennels and racing for the Abernathy Kennel, HUSKER MAGIC has been one of the best at Derby Lane. With an impressive resumé of 98 career winnings, it is not surprising to hear HUSKER MAGIC’s name called for the All-American Team for the second year in a row. In 2015, HUSKER MAGIC won the Daytona 550 National Championship and Derby Lane’s $64,000 Sprint Classic. She continues to race her best for Derby Lane.


FLYING FIRED UP (RHYTHMLESS X FLYING ABLAZE) is owned by Vince Berland and racing for the Lester Raines Kennel. In 2015, FLYING FIRED UP won Southland’s $50,000 Sprint Derby and the King and Queen Stake. He recently participated in the Daytona 550 National Championship on January 23rd where he took third place and should continue racing at Southland soon.


NEED MY MONEYNOW (NO MORE LOVING X NEED A DATE) was the star at Gulf Greyhound Park. Owned and raced by Sharon Williams, NEED MY MONEYNOW won the Gulf $10,000 Diane Whiteley Sprint Memorial while setting a track record in 2015. After the close of Gulf Greyhound Park, NEED MY MONEYNOW took the win for the Daytona 550 National Championship January 23, 2016. He is settling in well at Orange Park with first and second places in his first 2 starts.


Owned by Vince Barland and Tim Ertl, and racing for Everett Kennel, B’S HEADLINER (BD’S GRAYSON X ODD CHERIE) won the $30,000 Sprint Stake and $60,000 Derby at Naples. She moved to Southland where she has run very well. B’S HEADLINER is the oldest on the All-American Team at 4 years old, but has no sign of slowing down any time soon.


SELDOM TOLD (TRENT LEE X NEED A DATE), like NEED MY MONEYNOW, is owned and raced by Sharon Williams. Moving up from All-American Second Team last year, SELDOM TOLD won the Gulf $4,000 King and Queen Stake and tied the track record with his half brother, NEED MY MONEYNOW. He is currently running at Orange Park.


BOC’S HANK JR (KIOWA MON MANNY X BOC’S MISS RODEO) was the star at Bluffs Run. Owned by Brad Boeckenstedt and Mickey L Hasty, and racing for the Boeckenstedt Kennel, BOC’S HANK JR was named co-captain of the All Bluffs Run Team last year. In 2015, he won the the $500,000 Iowa-Bred Classic at Bluffs Run. Since the close of Bluffs Run, BOC’S HANK JR moved to Daytona Beach. Unfortunately, he was scratched for the Daytona 550 National Championship on January 23rd, but we hope to see him running again soon.


HIGHLYCLASSIFIED (KIOWA MON MANNY X CANTRELL) is the 660-yard star at Derby Lane. Owned by Jacobs Racing Kennel and racing for John Farmer Kennel, he took home Derby Lane’s $75,000 Holiday Distance Challenge and set a record time for the 660. HIGHLYCLASSIFIED continues to race at Derby Lane.


STORM CONTROL (LONESOME CRY X RACY REWARD) is owned by Steve Schlachter and raced for B & B Racing. In 2015, he won the $50,000 Palm Beach He’s My Man Classic and the $50,000 Art Rooney Sr. St. Pat’s Invitational.

Along with the All-American Team announcement, the All-American Second Team members were announced. The Second Team members are OH YA GUNSMOKE, RED UTOPIAN, AMF SLEEKSTRANGR, AMF SPANWICH, CHASMO’S DUTCH, TED CRUZ, BOC’S TONY ROMO, and TMC’S SWEETY PIE.

The 8 All-American Team members will be honored at the Greyhound Hall of Fame awards ceremony on April 28, 2016, during the NGA Spring Meet in Abilene, KS.

Congratulations to the 2015 members of the All-American Team and all connections! We look forward to watching these great pups continue to run excellent races.