Contest of Champions- 2015

We agree with our customers: the Track of the Week Saturday Handicapping Contest is one of our favorite promotions! The Saturday Handicapping Contest is offered every single Saturday throughout the year, spotlighting different greyhound tracks each week and inviting our customers to participate in the free handicapping contest for their chance to win up to $200! For this week’s 1/30/16 Track of the Week Handicapping Contest, we’ll be playing at Derby Lane! Enter this week’s Contest here for your chance to win up to $200!

The Professor has been putting on this handicapping contest since 2011. Every Saturday we watch the greyhound races and cheer on our contest participants. The winner is announced on Sunday morning and receives $100 credited to their wagering account. Not to be left out, the top five finishers receive Greyhound Channel Contest Points to their Greyhound Channel Contest site account, to be used to redeem for #greyt merchandise and wagering credits. We post the handicapping contest results to Greyhound Channel, and also our Facebook and Twitter pages because we’re impressed by our customers’ handicapping skills.

Saturday’s winner is then invited back to participate in the head-to-head Handicapping Challenge the following Monday. We pit the winner up against The Professor: he’s one of our dedicated in-house handicappers and authors the biweekly Greyhound Channel Blog series This Week with The Professor. Always a gentleman, The Professor allows the Saturday Winner to have first-pick to choose their greyhound to win the race, then he makes a pick. If the Saturday Winner’s choice finishes ahead of The Professor’s selection, they are declared the winner of the challenge and receive an additional $100!

The Saturday Handicapping Contest Winner from each week is recorded. At the end of the year, The Professor invites all of the weekly winners to participate in the Contest of Champions.

The Professor has been putting on this free contest for several years. Our first Contest of Champions was held back in early 2012 for the 2011 Track of the Week Saturday Handicapping Contest winners. Each year, the Contest of Champions is held at a different track and is only open to those previous year’s Track of the Week Saturday Handicapping Contest winners.

This year’s 2015 Contest of Champions will be using the night program at bestbet on February 6, 2016. And the #greyt thing about the Contest of Champions? Not only is the first-place prize pretty sweet ($250 credited to the winner’s Greyhound Channel account), but as something new this year and courtesy of bestbet, the first five finishers will receive a prize pack!

Are you a Champion? Be sure to check your email (including your spam and junk boxes) as eligible account holders will be notified via the email address on file in their Greyhound Channel account if they are eligible to compete in the 2015 Contest of Champions. (Note: if the email address is invalid, eligible customers must contact with their new email address.)

Check out our Greyhound Channel Contest Site for the rules and further information on the Contest of Champions.

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