This Week with The Professor: Moving Back Down

Now that we know a little bit more about identifying pups who move up, The Professor wanted to mention when a greyhound drops grades too fast. Are these good bets? It’s a little more complicated. So Professor, are double grade drops a good bet?

Probably not, with a couple of exceptions. The reason the greyhound is dropping is because he or she is off form because of old age, fatigue or minor injuries. It is never a good idea to bet a hound that is off form.

One exception is a young pup who went up the ladder quickly and was not ready to compete at a higher level, they can return to form quickly. Another thing to watch for is a 7-10 day rest. The trainer has taken time to rest the dog and work with him or her, and they may be ready to return to the form that took them to a higher grade.

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