Spotlight: New Year Survey Responses


As 2015 ushered in 2016, we became introspective. While we don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions (ice cream tastes way too good!), we thought we could at least reflect on 2015 and set the bar higher for 2016. Sometimes, it can be difficult to see what’s right in front of you. We wanted to get a fresh perspective from people we care about so we turned to our customers for feedback.

We created a survey asking questions about our 2015 promotions. Over the course of two weeks, we had 146 participants take a moment out of their day to send us feedback. As we appreciate our customers taking time out of their busy lives to let us know how we’re doing, we thought it’d only be fair to share the survey results with everyone.

Questions 1 & 2: What was your favorite promotion or contest from 2015? Why was that promotion or contest your favorite?

We had over 30% of people say their favorite promotion was our Track of the Week Handicapping Contest. It’s one of our favorites, too, especially when our customers have the weekly chance to win up to $200–free! We had folks say their second most favorite promotion of 2015 was our 10% Deposit Bonus. Understandably, 58% of our customers said it was the prize or bonus that made our promotions engaging. The level of difficulty was also a big reason for people, as it came in with 18% of survey responses.

Question 3: How do you hear about our promotions and contests?

This question was very interesting for us because we promote our contests on many different platforms. You can always get the latest and #greyt-est news from the promotional banners and the promotions link on Greyhound Channel; our Greyhound Channel Contest site; our Facebook and Twitter accounts; by calling us and listening to our phone recording or speaking with a Greyhound Channel Customer Service Representative; signing up for and receiving our promotional emails and newsletter, the Inside Lure; or by word of mouth from a friend, family member, or promotional advertisement at your favorite greyhound track.

Over 68% of respondents selected they learn about new promotions and contests by visiting Greyhound Channel directly. Of that 68%, 36% of our survey responses said they learn about our contests and promotions by the promotional banners posted daily and 32% said they utilize the promotions link via Greyhound Channel.

Questions 4 & 5: Do you have a Twitter or Facebook? Would you be willing to create a Twitter or Facebook account to participate in our promotions or contests?

The majority (58%) of our survey-takers said they had some form of social media account. A total of 61% of folks were receptive to the idea of creating a Twitter or Facebook account just to connect with us–wow! That makes us feel pretty special. 🙂

Question 6: Do you have any additional feedback you would like to share?

This question was purposefully designed to be open-ended because we wanted truthful answers from our customers. The responses were overwhelmingly positive. Our Greyhound Channel Customer Service Representatives were praised several times for their level of professionalism, knowledge, and kindness. Folks provided additional information about their favorite promotions and why they liked them so much, which was great. We received a few ideas for new promotions, which is exciting for us as we plan to brainstorm new promotions for the coming year.


Your comments and feedback were incredibly positive and we appreciated everyone taking a moment to help us reflect on 2015. Everyone who participated received a $2.00 wagering credit to their Greyhound Channel account and on the final day of the survey, we randomly selected Jeremiah W. from over 145 survey respondents to receive the $25.00 Survey Prize!

We’ve unpacked the survey questions and posted your feedback. Now the real question is, what do we plan on doing with the information? What does that mean for our customers?

It means we will continue to be as dedicated to you now as we were on our first day of business back in 2000. We pledge to bring you even more new and dynamic content for 2016. We have taken your feedback and are in the process of creating promotions to entice and challenge our customers. We plan to build on our popular promotions, such as the Track of the Week Handicapping Challenge and the daily Paydog Pick of the Day (PPOD), to offer more options and greater rewards for all.


Don’t forget your favorite weekly promotion, our Track of the Week Handicapping Contest, is coming up tomorrow at Naples Park! Be sure to play for your chance at a free $200.00!

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